Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Modern Day Fairy Tale and Giveaway

Between Boyfriends chick lit novel by Sarka-Jonae Miller is FREE on November 2 on all Amazon sites. Readers can win a signed book by best-selling author Janet Evanovich or a signed picture of America Idol star Lauren Alaina by leaving a comment on this post and following Sarka-Jonae's blog tour.

About The Book:

Jan Weston is boy crazy, emphasis on crazy, but when "the one" breaks her heart she vows to change. Jan quits dating and takes a hard look at herself, discovering that she does not like the flawed, spoiled individual she sees in the mirror.

Her progress toward positive change is derailed when her mother discovers she dropped out of San Diego State University to attend
massage therapy school. Furious at being lied to, Mrs. Weston cuts Jan off. Now Jan is without a guy, her American Express card, and a way to pay for school. She has to do something so despicable, so vile, so cruel, she almost cannot imagine it: Jan has to get a job.

But maybe that is exactly what she needs? Jan is forced to change how she treats people and to reconsider her values. Through a "comedy of errors" and with the support of her real friends (plus the hottie from massage school) Jan is able to survive, barely. But can she really change or is she just between boyfriends?

Excerpt from Between Boyfriends


He never loved me.
The words circled around and around inside her head until they seemed to burst out her ears. Her thoughts swirled angrily in front of her face, crashing against the Egyptian cotton walls of her 1,000 thread-count sanctuary. Suddenly, she couldn’t breathe; she was choking on the spinning truths.
I need out.
Jan threw the covers violently from her. She emerged from her burrow of sweaty sheets, tear-stained pillows, and used tissues squinting like a broken-hearted groundhog with a cold. She gasped for air. One hand pressed anxiously to her chest bringing her awareness to the hollow feeling underneath the soft cotton of her Tinkerbell sweatshirt. Her hand drifted to the several layers of tears, snot and perspiration she wore along with the pink sweatshirt, wiping the sleep from her eyes.
Harsh sunlight filtered into her bedroom window exposing her face to the sun for the first time in days. Jan cringed from the light. Her stomach grumbled halfheartedly. A wadded up tissue hung in her hair. She barely noticed as she continued to fill her lungs with fresh oxygen.
As her breathing regulated, her arms swept unconsciously about her in their daily wake-up ritual, searching first for a Tic Tac to battle morning breath and secondly for her cell phone. She found the phone quickly enough once her eyes adjusted to the light and peered at it longingly. It was top-of-the-line and almost impossible to use thanks to its numerous features. Jan loved the phone despite its complexities. It was cute and impossible. Her favorite combination.
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  1. Thank you so much for this excerpt of the book. I was so engrossed that when it came to an uprupt end it was quite upsetting, and so now i want to read more! I would honestly like to wish you all the very best Sarka-Jonae Miller with your book, as it really does sound wonderful and there are many readers out there who love Chick-lit. I can envisage it being a big hit! x

    Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

    1. That is very sweet and encouraging. Thank you

  2. Hello. Survived hurricane. Still have no power, heat etc. Posting from work.

  3. so sorry this was late being published had no power due to the hurricane but i an back and hope you see this i was here better late then not at all

    1. so far i love the blogs and book sounds fun