Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#TeaserTuesday and A Sale

#TeaserTuesday Okay, here is a snippet from The Courage To Love which is bk 1 in my series Love On The North Shore. It is also on sale at AZ this week for .99 cents. My current WIP will be the second book in the series.

“Thanks for not saying, ‘I told you so.’ ”

Sean turned his gaze away from the stars above to the one seated next to him. “I don’t know you well enough.” Bathed in the moonlight, she took on an incandescent look, a living angel on earth.

“I’d like to do something about that.” Mia ran her finger along the side of his face starting with the scar and ending below his lower lip. “I’ll be in North Salem for a little longer.”

Her touch remained feather light, yet it reached inside him and pulled at something more than pure physical desire. Before he could answer, she leaned in and kissed him. A soft sweet kiss. She pulled away before he could fully enjoy the feel of her lips against his.

“What do you say?”

What did he say? He’d be a goddamn idiot if he said no. One of the world’s sexiest women sat next to him and she wanted to start something up. “I’m game.” Only after answering did he realize how crass he sounded, but it was too late to take back the words.

“Good.” With that simple reply, she leaned in to kiss him again.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Worth The Wait Wednesday

This was a readers idea but I like it. Worth The Wait Wednesday. Perfect for those days I get lost in my writing and forget about Teaser Tuesday. Anyway here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP which will be book 2 in my series Love On The North Shore.  This book will feature Jessica Quinn. Readers first saw her in The Billionaire Playboy and saw her again in The Courage To Love.
"Room service does sound rather nice." Jessica forced herself to look at Mack and once again was struck by just how out of her league he was. A guy as handsome as him belonged alongside an equally beautiful woman. A woman who looked like his ex-wife.
Whether he sensed her discomfort or not, he didn't say. Instead he came over and put his arms around her. "You've never had room service?"
"I have only stayed in hotels a few times and I've never wanted to splurge."
He pulled her closer. "We'll have to remedy that someday."

If you have not read book 1 yet in the series pick it and get to know North Salem.

Hollywood sweetheart Mia Troy isn’t looking for love. But then she meets Sean O’Brien a reserved man who sees past her celebrity status.  Can love between a small town guy and an A-list celebrity last?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#TBT Throw Back ThursdayA Special Story

For Throw Back Thursday today I thought I would share with you a problem or perhaps cause that is near and dear to me heart. Granted it is not the only cause that is important to me, but it is one that I have some first hand experience with. Childhood obesity is something that seems to be a growing problem here in the US. Why it is becoming such a problem I do not know. In my personal opinion it is a combination of many factors and there is no one solution.  Regardless I am going to share with you why it concerns me as my piece for Throw Back Thursday.

Those of you who no me well may not believe me but as a child I was extremely over weight.  (See the pictures below)  I am not sure when it started to happen. When I look back pictures of myself I see a rather average sized first grader but then I look at pictures from the fourth grade (around age ten) and I see the extra pounds mounting. In fact in the fourth grade I went on my first diet, the Slimfast diet. If you don’t know that one it is when you have shake in the morning and at lunch and then a normal dinner. Lets just say that even before this the kids at school made fun of me all the time because off my weight and being on this diet did not help. 

Like you may have guessed this diet did not work and by the time I was in the 6th grade (ages 11-12) I weighed a staggering 160 pounds. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but keep in mind I am short even now I am only 5 feet tall so you can picture how tall I was at age 12. Now you may say I am wrong in doing so, but at least in my case, I blame my weight gain on my family. While my mother was very slim and careful about what she ate she didn’t care what I consumed. If I wanted an ice cream sandwich for breakfast that was what I ate, if I wanted 5 slices of pizza that was fine too. 

While in 6th grade I tried my next diet weight watchers.  Unfortunately with no help or guidance from my family this too failed for me.

By the time I hit end of the 7th grade, I weighed 180 pounds, lacked self-confidence, the kids were always teasing me and I was desperate to get rid of the extra weight.  Around this time Nutri-system became very popular.  Although it was expensive my mom agreed to sign me up.  More determined than ever I stuck with this diet and guess what the weight started to come off.

Great, you might be thinking right? Well, yes and no.  I dieted all through 8th grade sticking to the plan and then something happened that summer before I started high school. I don’t know what exactly but I went in the opposite direction as before.  I started eating less and less and exercising more and more. By the time I started 9th grade, I was down to about 90 pounds. People stopped making fun of me. They kept telling me how great I looked.  I didn’t see it though. I kept restricting and that December I was hospitalized for the first time at 60 pounds.

Before the end of that school year I would be hospitalized two more times, before I stabilized at a weight of 100 pounds which I managed to maintain until I got pregnant with my first daughter.

Today you may look at me and never guess the problems I had when I was younger.  Trust me though I have never looked at food or my body the way many people do. To this day I still get obsessed the numbers on the scale and how many calories I put in my body and perhaps I always will. Thankfully though I have learned to recognize the signs when I am going to far and I have a supportive husband.

So why did I tell you all this?  Well, only because I do not want any other children to go through this. While yes they might not get teased like they did when I was in school extreme amounts of extra weight is not healthy for them. How do we stop it? Honestly I am not sure, but not letting children bring cupcakes into school on their birthday is not the answer. I know with my girls I try to teach them to eat healthy, restrict, not eliminate, the junk like donuts and ice cream and keep them healthy. I also keep them active.

So why did I share this? Simple because I hope that if you know a child who is struggling with weight problem you will step in an help them. Maybe teach them about healthy eating or help them find some physical activity that they enjoy. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you have any thoughts or comments please leave me.

Father daughter dance in Kindergarten age 5

Before 8th grade age 13 (that is me in the white T-shirt)

End of 8th grade age 14

Fall of Freshman year age 14

May of Freshman year age 15

Senior year of high school age 18

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Love Undercover

The last thing she expects is to fall in love with a prison guard…

Hotshot Secret Service Agent, Sarita Cerez is thrown into a medium security prison—for work. Her job is to protect the daughter of the president of South Korea. She never envisioned making friends with illegal immigrants or falling head over heels for one of the guards. Now the clandestine activity, which is integral to protecting her charge, may destroy her only chance at love.

He's never fraternized with the inmates—until he met her…

Matthew Carter always plays by the rules, which includes maintaining a strictly professional relationship with the inmates in his charge. But when Sarita saunters onto the unit, all bets are off. Her status as a deportee with a permanent ticket to Columbia means they can never be together, but try as he might, this doesn’t stop him from risking his career for her.

He's a man who values honesty above all else, and she lies for a living. Can two people from such different worlds find any common ground?

Read on for an excerpt and be sure to enter Nana's contest. She will be giving away $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. And be sure to visit the other stops on Nana's tour. They can be found here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2014/08/blurb-blitz-love-undercover-by-nana-prah.html


As inappropriate as the situation had turned out to be, Sarita was his. At least until she returned to Columbia in what? A few days? A week? No matter when, she would go. “No wife or girlfriend to hang out with.”

Her chest deflated with her released breath. He wished he could have taken her air into himself. I’m screwed. “What about you? Are you married or have a boyfriend waiting to break you out of here at the first opportunity?”

Her eyes blazed into his. “Single as single can be.”

The admission sparked something deep within him. He had to touch her. Nothing else mattered except having his fingers glide over her flawless mocha skin. The all-encompassing urge pushed him to stand.

With a controlled effort he strode to the area across from the television and leaned against the wall.

On every unit, one spot existed where neither the cameras nor inmates could see. Management knew about it, but the cost of adding a third camera would be too expensive for the facility to contemplate so they left it. At least that’s the story Matt had been told.

He’d never used the spot, but as he waited for her to join him, he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

He motioned her to him with a crook of his index finger. “Come here.”

Meet The Author

Nana Prah is a multi-published author of contemporary, multicultural romance. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family.

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