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Meet My Character Blog Hop

Welcome to the Meet My Character Blog Hop. Before I tell you about my newest hero, I want to give a thank you out to Mari Christie who invited me to participate. Mari has been a professional writer, editor, and graphic designer for more than twenty years, including work with other authors as a copyeditor, e-book designer, and web marketer. She authors mainstream historical fiction and poetry, and writes Regency romance under the name Mariana Gabrielle. Find out more by visiting her website at

Now onto Trent Sherbrooke the hero of my newest release Redeeming The Billionaire book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. Trent Sherbrooke is part of the powerful and politically influential Sherbrooke family. His uncle Warren Sherbrooke if the President of the United States and his cousins Jake, Sara and Callie readers met in previous books in the series. And here he is:

Although Trent owns many homes and has lived in both the United States and Europe his is now back home living in Providence Rhode Island. He has moved back to Rhode Island with the intention of running in the next United States Senate race. Unfortunately, according to his advisor his playboy reputation may hinder his chances. The solution then is for him to become a happily married man before the election season officially kicks off.  Although somewhat reluctant with the idea, Trent decides to follow the expert’s advice. Trent sets out to win over Addison Raimono, the woman his advisor claims is his ticket into the Senate. Soon though what Trent thought would be a relationship of convenience turns into the real thing. 

And that is all I am saying. To find out what happens between Trent and Addison you will just have to read Redeeming The Billionaire, which is now available for all e-readers and in paperback.

Now it is my turn to continue the hop. The following authors will be posting about their heroes next Monday so be sure to check them out.

First up is:

Vikki Vaught started her writing career when a story popped in her head and wouldn’t leave. Over the last three years, she’s written five full length novels and is presently working on her sixth. As an avid reader of historical romance, she's a romantic at heart. Vikki Vaught loves a "Happily Ever After", and she writes them in her stories. While romance is the central theme of all her books, she includes some significant historical event or place in all her novels. She is also published under Vikki McCombie in contemporary and V.L. Edwards in erotic.

Vikki Vaught lives in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her beloved husband, Jim, who is the most tolerant man in the world to put up with her when she’s in a writing frenzy. When she’s not writing or working her day job, you’ll find her curled up in a comfortable chair with her Kindle in hand lost in a good book.

Her books can be found at the following links:

Vikki can be found:

My next author joining the hop is:

Ellen Gullo is a native New Yorker. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and children in a farmhouse (circa 1750) that they restored.  Other family members include two horses and two dogs. When she's not researching or writing, she is on the hunt for antiques - after weekend brunch with her husband.

Her books can be found at the following links:

Ellen can be found:

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The Yellowblown™ Eruption Begins Today – New Release!

The Yellowblown™ Eruption Begins Today – New Release!

J. Hughey chose the release date of her new New Adult contemporary romance to correspond with the date of the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano in her story, an event that will turn her lead character’s world on its head as the series progresses. The first book, Eruption, gives a glimpse of Violet Perch’s college life and the unavoidable changes she endures when things get seriously messed up for the North American continent. If you didn’t know North America is a continent, you’ll learn a few more geeky facts while enjoying Violet’s story. Plus, keep reading to get a chance to win some swag!

 Eruption will be on sale for 99 cents for a short time:

I’m in the middle of the perfect college semester, hundreds of miles from Mom, with an awesome roomie and my freshman crush finally becoming a sophomore reality—Hotness! I’m figuring out calculus, I’ve got both hands on the handlebars and the wind of freedom in my hair. What on earth could slow my roll?

How about if the Yellowstone volcano erupts for the first time in 630,000 years, spewing a continuous load of ash (crap) all over North America? Think that’ll put a kink in my bicycle chain?

Make that kinks, plural, because here’s a scientific fact I’ll bet you didn’t know. Nothing ruins the perfect semester like a super caldera. Now that I’ve made you smarter today, maybe you can tell me how to keep my life cruising in the right direction—no to Mom, yes to roomie, double yes to Hotness!—during a global disaster?

My lame name is Violet and, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not hanging from the side of a cinder cone on the last page of this trauma, but there’s definitely more to come. Unless, of course, humans become extinct and then there’s not. Duh.

Eruption is on sale for 99 cents. It’ll jump up to $2.99 soon so grab your copy now!

Enjoy an excerpt from the day the eruption starts:
“You’re starting to freak me out,” I said. Boone looked like he was going to tell me someone had died, but he didn’t know anyone in my family, and surely the Dean of Students would not give him the responsibility of passing on bad news after three weeks of talking.
“Sorry,” he said. “I can’t decide if I’m freaked out or not.” He took a deep breath. “Yellowstone is erupting.”
I stared at him, not a flicker of comprehension illuminating my dim-bulb mind. Nothing. “Yellowstone? The place with the, umm, geysers?” Obviously I’d heard of Yellowstone, never been there, not sure I could place it on a map in the murky part of the U.S. between where I lived and Hollywood.
“Yeah. Yellowstone sits over a hotspot that’s been around for millions of years.”
“Instead of steaming it’s now erupting? As in lava erupting?” We’d covered igneous rocks in a very general way already so I knew hot liquefied rock below the ground was called magma and, when it erupted, became lava.
“Dr. Potter says nobody knows what it’s doing. It blew this morning. I mean explosively blew. All the local sensors went offline. Satellite pictures show a big brown cloud of dust. Like two hundred miles across.”
Boone’s voice shook a fraction. I put my hand on his forearm. He sat back so he could hold it in his.
I asked, “Do you have friends out there, or family?”
“Not close. Dr. Potter knows I’m from Nebraska. He asked me where—made me point to it on a map. He said my family might want to stockpile supplies, or better yet, leave.” He paused, prompting me to scoot to the edge of my seat. “My house is nine hundred miles away from Yellowstone, Violet.”
“Are you serious?”
“He says if it does anything close to what it’s done in the past, thirty percent of the U.S. is pretty well screwed.”
I rifled through my bag to find my tablet. “Show me,” I said. “I need to see a map or something.”
“C’mon,” he said. He took me to Dr. Potter’s office. The professor ignored us. He jabbed his finger at his cell phone to enter a text message. The screen of his laptop glowed with a cascade of open program windows, and his iPad bonged with an incoming email tone. His finger did not pause when Boone led me to an ancient roller-shade map of the US.
“Yellowstone is here. Dr. Potter drew this red circle this morning.”
That’s not coming off any time soon, I thought as I studied the thick line of scarlet Sharpie.
“The last eruption basically obliterated everything within this oval.”
“Six hundred thirty thousand years ago,” Dr. Potter muttered. His trendy rectangular glasses sat askew on his nose. He swept his hand toward his laptop’s screen in a disgusted now-look-what-you’ve done gesture. I circled around his desk to see images more current than the one offered by the cartographic fossil on the wall.
A dark mess of chocolate pudding plopped in the midst of the whipped topping clouds of a satellite loop. The mass burgeoned over the northwestern U.S., dry pudding mix edges caught and swept east by the prevailing winds.
Anyone with a grandpa who blares Weather Watcher on the TV all day knows weather moves east.
Apparently, crap shot into the air by Yellowstone moves east, too.


Go get it while it’s 99 cents! Amazon

About The Author

J. Hughey knows what a girl wants. Independence. One or two no-matter-what-happens friends. A smokin’ hot romance. A basic understanding of geological concepts. Huh? Okay, maybe not every girl is into geology, but J. Hughey is, and in the Yellowblown™ series she combines her passion for a timeless love story with her interest in geeky stuff to help Violet Perch get a life, despite an ongoing global catastrophe.

J. Hughey also writes historical romance as Jill Hughey.

If you want a chance to win some Eruption swag—your choice of a necklace, bracelet or bookmark with cover and series charms, sign up for J. Hughey’s newsletter before September 27.

You can find out more about J. Hughey on the web.

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Guest Post with Mageela Troche

Ten Reasons Highlanders captured me.
  1. Whether a kilt or a belted plaid, this garment proclaims their national identity.
These garments identify Scots in a way that no other country identity does. It was such an identifier that after Jacobite Rising of 1745, the British government outlawed the wearing of them. It is part of the national identity. Really, head to any Highland Games events and you will see plaid everywhere. I especially love when grooms don one and the bride has a sash of her own.
  1. Wild, ruggedness of the land and its people.
The highlands of Scotland are rough, rugged lands. Eking out a living in these mountainous lands filled with peaty bogs and wet, windy weather required a stubbornness and fight to call these lands. These lands have been subjected to inner turmoil from the numerous cultures. In my new novel, Claiming the Highlander. My hero, Caelen MacKenzie, is a mixture of the different cultures—Vikings and Celtic. His looks reflect his family line with long blond hair of his Viking genes. Oh he looks like he raided Skye. My heroine—Brenna is of French and Norman descent whose ancestors came to Scotland at the invitation of David I—she took reflects her own with dark looks of the Normans.
  1. The accent
This one applies to all of Scotland. Though, Glasweegians have a very thick accent and are difficult to understand but the Scottish accent stirs up a warmth in the listener. It seems when they speak it seems as if they curl their tongue around every word.
  1. Clans
Clann in Gaelic means children. For me, my family means more to me than my own life. So, naturally I was attracted to this ideal. Caelen MacKenzie returns homes when he learns his father is dying. Once back home, he has his wife who he hasn’t seen in years to deal with.
  1. Strong men need strong women.
Women are strong than history even present time acknowledge. Claiming the Highlander is set in the 13th century. During this time, women were property of their father, their husbands and then their sons. Women married to increase a family’s standing, connections while benefitted the bride’s family. These women had to be smart and display their power in different ways. Brenna MacKenzie does what she must to find the balance of power so that she can keep the life she knows.
  1. Independence
The Kings of England have been trying to get the Kings of Scotland to pledge a fealty to them for centuries. Alexander III, king during my novel’s time period, refused to give fealty to the King of England though he was married to his daughter. Of course, we know of the Wars of Independence after the death of Alexander III and the Maid of Norway, his granddaughter. Highlanders followed their own laws and ideals even James V or King James the First, tried to quell them. This sense of Independence has been a character of Scotland for centuries and even now with the Vote of Independence coming soon, it is even more important.
  1. Sense of Honor and Pride.
These men took great pride in their names and history. Besides that they honored their connections and oaths given because the importance these connections played in their lives and their survival. Clans had their own seanachie who would recite tales of past feuds and battles of the clan’s ancestors. Caelen has his own sense of honor haunting him and must regain it to be the chief of MacKenzie.
  1. Music
Music has played a part in their lives. Each chore had its own song. The clarsach is Scotland’s oldest musical instrument. It is similar to the Irish Harp. These instruments and their musicians were used for both entertainment and in battles. The harps fell out of favor with the Reformation and other instruments that were easier to play. Now, we have the bagpipes that can evoke that haunting emotion of battles lost or a high-pitched lively tune.

  1. The Games
In my book, I have both Caelen and Brenna participating in games. Caelen throws the hammer and Brenna shoots arrows. These games were able displays of feat whether accuracy, strength or skill. Much like knights would jousted, Highlanders had their ways too.

  1.  The Cattle
The Highland cow, or coos is identifiable with one glance at their long shaggy hair covering their faces and horns sticking out. Cattle had been stolen from the borders to the Sunderland. It stirred up feuds, raids and everything else. After Culloden, the Highland Clearances came about because the laird’s did not make enough money from the tenants’ rents and cleared the land for sheep that did.

Meet The Author

Mageela Troche lives in New York City. She writes in a corner of her cramped Big Apple apartment. Here she has three novels and is working on her fourth.

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Release Day: Redeeming The Billionaire

Billionaire Trent Sherbrooke works hard and plays harder. He’s never once cared what the media or society says about him, until now.  Intent on making his way into the United States Senate, Trent hires campaign advisor Marty Phillips. A ruthless force in politics he’ll stop at nothing to get his candidate elected.

After a chance encounter throws local small business owner Addison Raimono in Trent’s path, Marty believes he’s found Trent’s ticket into Washington.

Ignoring his conscience that insists he leave Addison alone, Trent sets out to win her over. Soon what he assumed would be a relationship to salvage his reputation turns into so much more. But can a relationship started on a lie ever survive?