Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP which will be available in 2015.

“She probably went with some friends to the bounce house. She loves those,” Bethany answered.
If his ex-wife spent more time with Grace and paid attention, she’d know Grace wouldn’t do that. “I told her not to go anywhere else.”
“Maybe she needed the bathroom and couldn’t wait to check in. I’ll go check.” Jessie headed for the temporary bathrooms set up behind the bandstand.
“I’m going to check the bounce houses. Stay here in case she comes back.” He couldn’t recall a single time Grace had disobeyed him on something like this but she was a kid surrounded by her friends. Kids followed their peers all the time.
When a search of both bounce houses and the craft table nearby turned up nothing he started back for their blanket hoping that Jessie had found her or she’d wandered back over. The sight of just Jessie and Bethany standing together froze the blood in his veins. His eyes continued to sweep the area as he walked and he reminded himself that this was North Salem not some huge city.
“I checked the bathrooms and asked some parents I passed by.” Jessie’s voice echoed his own worry.
“She has to be here. This town is like Hicksville. Everyone is either related to each other or knows everyone else. Nobody would take her.”
While Bethany maybe close to the truth he knew strangers did pass through town all the time and it only took one messed up person to snatch a little girl. Hard cold fear knotted inside his chest. As someone in law enforcement he’d seen time and time again both with the Boston Police and now with the FBI what could happen to a little girl like Grace.
He continued sweeping the area as she waited for his father, the police chief, to answer his phone. He may be jumping the gun. She may be playing with friends somewhere but he wasn’t taking any chances.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

#Free For The First Time

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When Hollywood sweetheart, Mia Troy, checks into the Victorian Rose, the only things on her mind are rest and relaxation before she begins work on her new movie in Boston. That is until she meets Sean O’Brien, the co-owner of the bed and breakfast. From the moment she checks in, Mia is drawn to Sean, a reserved man who sees past her celebrity status. 

Eighteen years ago Sean became the man of the house when his father walked out on the family. Without a second thought, he put his own hopes and dreams on the back burner and took care of his mom and younger sister. Now the co-owner of a successful bed and breakfast, Sean has accepted his position in life—until the day Mia Troy checks in. 

Despite his better judgment, Sean can’t ignore his physical attraction to Mia. Soon he gives into his desire, telling himself all she wants is a quick fling to pass the time. As they spend time together, his feelings grow. But can love between a small town guy and an A-list celebrity ever last?

If you enjoyed The Sherbrookes of Newport series, this is book 1 in my spin off series. Book 2 in the series will be available zoo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Super Book Blast: Shimmy For Me

Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson’s mind off her shattered love life—until a reawakened pain sends her into the arms of an anonymous stranger she plucks from the audience of her tribal belly dance show. No names, no strings, no romance. She tells herself it’s a harmless hookup.

Until he turns up at her day job . . .

Derek Collier, the sexy heir to the Collier media dynasty, just landed everything he’s always wanted: the publisher’s seat at the Orange County Herald. Except his first order of business is to sell the newspaper. Reeling from his family’s betrayal, his only comfort is the memory of that mysterious belly dancer and the perfect night they spent together.

He won’t rest until he finds her again.

She’ll lose everything if he does.


“It’s only sex,” Abby Anderson said, keeping her focus on the mirror propped on the desk in front of her and the black eyeliner wand in her hand.

In the corner, Melanie flipped through a tattoo magazine. “It’s about time. How you managed to go a whole year is a mystery to me.”

“It’s not like I planned it. It just happened. I’ve been busy.”

Busy working two jobs—three if you counted the belly dance studio that was consuming every spare minute and dollar she had. It didn’t seem possible that so much time had passed since her ex had given her the ultimatum: him or the studio. He didn’t understand how she could leave graduate school and the prospect of a comfortable career to devote herself to what he considered a dead-end business. That’s when she knew he didn’t understand her—and he never would.

Most days, she was too busy to think about her wreck of a love life. Today she could think of little else.

May 1. Seeing the date on the calendar had brought it all back. That last terrible fight. All the awful things he’d said to her. She knew they weren’t true. Pursuing her passion didn’t make her selfish. It didn’t mean she was damaged goods.

She’d find love again. Eventually. But tonight it wasn’t love she was after. She just wanted to think about something besides that brain-dead temp job at the newspaper, the skimpy dance tips she earned at the restaurant, and the studio that sank her deeper into debt every day, even if it was the only thing that could still make her smile.

She wanted to remember how it felt to be touched. To feel lips pressed to hers, hands on her waist, maybe a caress or two. All the belly dance writhing and grinding in the world wouldn’t scratch that itch.
She needed a man.

Meet The Author

DeAnna Cameron writes novels featuring feisty heroines transformed by true love and belly dance—the oldest and most exciting dance form in the world. Her novels have been translated into Japanese, Polish, and Serbian, and her work has been praised for its “deft prose, energetic characters and . . . colorful images” by RT Book Reviews and called “most entertaining” by the Historical Novel Review. Before turning to fiction, DeAnna worked as a journalist, writing and editing for several Southern California newspapers and magazines. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as its Orange County chapter. When she isn’t working on her next novel, she can usually be found at her jeweler’s bench, creating new wire-wrap, bead, and multimedia designs. She lives in Orange County, Calif., with her family. 

Where to Find DeAnna

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a snippet from my current WIP. It will be the second book in my series Love On The North Shore. Book 1 The Courage To Love is already available. Remember this snippet has not been edited yet.

The balloons form the party still swayed outside as Jessie climbed the front steps and the heavy door stood open. Through the screen door she spotted Grace’s dollhouse open and the furniture and dolls sprawled across the floor indicating the little girl was up and about.
The screen door opened without a sound and Jessie figured the kitchen was the place to stop first. And she was right unfortunately she’d picked the wrong time. At the counter Mack and Bethany stood together. While he wore jeans and a t-shirt, Bethany only wore one of his old t-shirts and her lips were locked on his. She watched his hand move toward her shoulder although Jessie didn’t know if he planned to push her away or pull her closer.
Unable to breath Jessie reached for the wall and steadied herself then retraced her steps. She made it into the living room when Grace flew down the stairs and skidded to a stop near her.
“Jessie you’re here.” The little girl’s voice forced air back into her lungs. “Daddy’s making pancakes for breakfast.” She latched onto Jessie’s hand. “Come on.” Grace pulled on her hand.
Inside the kitchen Bethany and Mack remained near the counter. “Daddy, Jessie’s here.” Grace announced her cheerful voice breaking through the tension in the room.
Mack’s head snapped in her direction an angry expression on his face. When their eyes met the anger disappeared and a somewhat forced smile replaced it. “I didn’t hear you come in.” Mack walked past his ex-wife and embraced her. “I’m making pancakes for breakfast. Do you want some?” He pressed a feather light kiss on her lips.
No she didn’t want pancakes she wanted an explanation and maybe to hit Bethany with the pancake griddle on the stove. “Can we talk in the other room?” She forced a calm voice, no easy task when Bethany stood only feet away in one of Mack’s t-shirts.
The anger she’d noticed a few minutes earlier returned and he glared over at Bethany. “Watch the stove so Grace’s breakfast doesn’t burn.”
He knows I saw. Was he mad because she’d caught them or angry because Bethany had made an advance? And why they hell was she wearing his clothes. She needed answers but she didn’t want to come across as a jealous shrew either.