Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today's Special Guest Contemporary Writer Susan Ann Wall @susanannwall

Writer’s Snowstorm Survival Kit

We are in the middle of the biggest snowstorm of the year. Southern NH is under a blizzard warning while we up here in the North Country are under a Winter Storm Warning. The entire state has shut down. Residents have been encouraged to stay off the roads. We are hunkered down.
Looking out the windows, it feels like I’m living in a snow globe. Thick flakes falling, the wind blowing them around and kicking up the fallen flakes. It’s a veritable winter wonderland and I love it.
So what does a writer do to prepare for such a big storm? For me, there are some essentials.

1.     Fleece pajamas. Mine are purple, of course, but there’s nothing better than a warm, soft pair of pajamas to keep me bundled and warm.
2.     Wool blanket. It’s cold. Very cold. Bone-chilling cold. It’s the kind of cold that can only be thawed by a long, hot shower. So to keep the warmth from escaping, I’ve got my favorite wool blanket draped over me.
3.     Snuggly Dog. I have two. Buddy, the 62-pound lap dog doesn’t like it when I’m doing anything except petting him, so he’s not my snuggler of choice when I’m trying to write. Naymer, on the other hand, curls up into a tight ball right against my leg and is content to snore away while I tap out a few words.
4.     Hot Cocoa and Whipped Cream:  I prefer the flavored hot cocoa, raspberry and mint being my favorite choices. And I like the whipped cream that comes out of the spray can. I have a large purple polka-dot mug that I use only for hot cocoa and I pile that whipped cream right on. If it isn’t overflowing, there isn’t enough!
5.     Charged laptop:  I always make sure my laptop is plugged in if a storm is brewing, just to be sure I can get some battery-powered writing in. Another good thing about the laptop is the heat it throws onto your lap, offering another source of warmth on a cold winter’s day.
6.     Plan B, the Notebook, Pen, and Book Light:  I keep these handy because you just never know when the power might go out.
7.     Book to Read:  I love to reward myself with reading when I’ve achieved my writing goals for the day. I usually read on my iPad, so I keep that charged, but I also have paperbacks just in case.
What are your essentials when you have to be holed up for a couple cold winter days?

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