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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Piper Shelly

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Funny thing, I’ve never read a book myself before I was actually 12, but in preschool I told everyone I wanted to be a writer. Either that or a princess… ;-)

How long does it take you to write a book?  
A full length book normally takes me about a year to write. Currently I’m working on a novella, though, which will be finished in a few weeks at a total of 30,000 words. Took me three months.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I act out body language before I write it. This often looks strange to my family, so I try to be alone when I do it, haha. And often on my way to work, I speak the dialogue lines to hear if it really works. People tend to look at me something funny when I notice them too late and they hear me talking to myself.

What do you think is the best way of publishing a book these days? 
Go to Avon… Nah, I’m only saying that because I’m a big fan of them. ;-) In fact, I think for your debut novel it’s always good to work with a publisher. The bigger the better for promotion, but any will do. I’m publishing with Black Opal Books. They’re a small press, but a load of really nice people work there and I’ve learned a darn lot from them. If you had some success in your past, self-pub is sure an option too, but I don’t know if I would want to do all the work a publisher does for you. Basically, I think it’s a choice everyone has to make for their own.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
I don’t need a lot of information for my books. Most of them are paranormal, so I don’t have to stick with any rules really. Sometimes I look up a location on Google maps or do some research about Archangels and such, but not really a lot. My ideas… well sometimes they come to me at the most unreal moments. Like shortly before I fall asleep and am thinking about something I read or saw on TV a little earlier. Often I sit in the sun and just let my mind wander, and characters and situations shape in my mind then. Music inspires me a lot and I love to play out new books in my head while dreaming away in my silent room.

When did you write your first book?
In high school. It was some sort of wish-diary. I just wrote down how I wanted my life to be, falling in love with a rock star, traveling around with him, finding adventure everywhere. But it was nothing I ever wanted someone to read. At the age of 18, I finally started a real novel. It was a vampire story and just some fool-around with romance and mystery. Now I should tell you, I’m a native Austrian, and though I always had good grades in English, I didn’t really know a lot about that language…other than that it fascinated me. I had read all of L.J.Smith’s books before and wanted to write something equally cool and romantic. But my writing skills were meagerly developed and I just typed away on my computer not really knowing what I did. When that book was finished, I started researching the genre, the writing market, the authors I adored, things like that. I joined critique loops and found help in online workshops. My English got better and so did my writing. And many, many years later, I finally wrote a book that had all the qualities to attract a publisher.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Nothing. I don’t like it when I can’t write. It freaks me out, actually, just thinking of all the time wasted while being away from my WIP. But hey, with a family and a part-time job, you just have to do something different form time to time. So yeah…I like eating ice cream.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
That I actually had talent. And that there were people out there who couldn’t wait to read my next chapter.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? 
One book is published, one novella almost finished, and I’m working on three more at the moment. Although I love all my books and all my characters, I especially like the Archangel series I’m working on. Gabriel was a creature who fascinated me for many years. It’s cool to write and re-invent him. In my novel he has short dreadlocks and thin braids, wears leather pants, and has a soft spot for hotdogs.

What do you think makes a good story?
To me, a good story must have a lot of romance in it. I don’t like to read any other genre. Okay, I read Harry Potter and loved it, but that was an exception. However, I think most important for a good story is the ability to drag the reader right into the adventure. I love it when I turn page after page and live in a totally different place while I’m reading. At that time I don’t need food or sleep, and I don’t care what really happens around me. Once I find a good book, my family knows they shouldn’t be talking to me and expect and answer.

What are your favorite book genres in writing and reading? Why?
Like I said before, romance. Any romance is good, but my favorite is paranormal. I just like to live in a place for a while that is totally different to this plain and sometimes nasty reality. Reading gives me the chance to experience something extraordinary in my head, writing even more so.

Who are you favorite authors to read?
Kerrelyn Sparks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, L.J. Smith, Stepheny Meyer. I love all those vampy love stories. And then there is this brand new author, Georgia Lyn Hunter, who I deem my absolutely favorite by now. She writes amazing paranormal romance that is right up my alley. Her writing style inspired me a lot. And her heroes are extraordinary. ;-)

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Piper's Newest Release


She’s seventeen. She’s snarky. She’s trouble...

It wasn't nicking an expressive watch or diamond bracelet that landed Jona Montiniere in the clutches of the police. It was just a darn sweater. After her last spectacular misadventure, she is forced to return to a mother who spurned her. Jona is furious about the judge’s decision—until she meets her mother’s companion. Gorgeous, provocative, and mysterious, Julian is everything her lonely heart desires. But then he awakens her mother from the dead with a simple touch.

Hunting for the truth in a strange new home, Jona unearths broken promises and bitter secrets. Soon she realizes she’ll once again lose someone she loves…unless she gives him a reason to stay. But how the hell do you keep an angel earthbound?

Enchanting, seductive, and sweetly emotional.

A story sprinkled with angelic magic.

Read below for an excerpt from Her Game, His Rules:

He was so infuriating, and I was absolutely not charmed…okay, maybe just a little…

Hi,” he said with a compassionate look that made me wish the traitor, Quinn, had taken off those damn handcuffs so I wouldn’t look like a complete idiot.

Lips pressed together, my fingers waggled in a feeble greeting. The mere sight of him sent a quiver of excitement to my stomach.

He nodded his chin at my tied hands. “They seem rather uncomfortable.”

And they bloody well were, but I shrugged it off like it was nothing unusual. “The latest fashion. You heard the judge, I wear them quite often.”

A teasing smile played around his lips that spiked my blood pressure. “Shall we take them off?” he said.

He must be kidding. “Unless you’ve got teeth like a hacksaw, I don’t see how that would work.”

He pulled out a key-ring from his pocket. He squatted, leveled his eyes with mine, and shook the ring in front of my face. The friendly jingle of metal filled the high hallway.

My mouth sagged open. “Where did you get these from?”

Chief Madison.”

You stole them from Quinn?” I pulled my hands reflexively out of his reach.

Of course not.” The gorgeous blond gave me a pointed look. “I asked for them.”

Quinn wouldn’t unshackle me when I asked him to.”

His intense blue eyes locked with mine. “I had to solemnly swear to keep an eye on you. Now hold still.” Cool fingers curled around my wrist to fix my hand while he unlocked the first cuff. Sparks tingled on my skin, my hand trembled slightly.

With a click, the other cuff came off. I flexed my hands and rubbed my burning wrists.

Better?” He tilted his head and arched one beautiful brow.

My head bobbed, but I found no breath to answer.

Okay then.” He used my knees to push himself up and stretched to his full height.

He probably expected a thanks following his selflessness. My gaze focused on the ripped hems of his jeans, my lips remained sealed.

When he turned on his heel and marched off to the left, I glanced up. “And now you’re going where?” The words shot out before I could stop myself.

Bathroom break.” His arched brows dared me to object.

My lower lip threatened to pop from between my teeth as I chewed on it. Don’t speak! “But you’re supposed to keep an eye on me.”

After studying me for a couple of seconds, his expression softened even more. “You’re not going to get me into trouble.”

I let him take another stride away from me. Two. Three. Four. “How can you be so sure?” Shut the hell up, Jona. “After everything you know about me, I’ll probably be gone when you get back.”

A shrug of one shoulder and his beguiling smile struck me silent. “I trust you.”

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Men packing more than just Handguns

Homicide detective Steve Morgan is at Crane Lodge on forced sabbatical. Day one of fishing at the resort’s lake has him casting his line straight into a crime scene, reeling in a dead woman from the murky bottom. Thinking the murderer must be a local, Steve offers the small town police help in the investigation. What he doesn’t count on is the gorgeous housekeeper at the lodge resembling the victim in the lake and her survival becoming more important than finding the killer.

Whitney McAllister is raising her daughter on her own, working long, grueling hours at the local resort cleaning guest cabins. The detective investigating a local murder may be just doing his job, but after their run-in, she intends to steer clear of him. Until someone breaks into her house and she’s forced, for her daughter’s sake, to seek Steve’s protection. Her attraction is overpowering, yet she knows once the murder is solved, he’ll be gone.

When a string of similar unsolved murders is unearthed, tension mounts. Steve knows he has to find this serial killer fast, before he loses the only woman he’s ever loved.
Regina wiped the paint splatters off her cheek with her index finger, then continued to roll the sage color onto the living room wall. Already, she felt much calmer than she had that afternoon. The whole dead raven incident had her on edge. Someone was trying to send a warning.
But why?
And who? Becky Riverside? Or was it someone else?
When the roller ran out of paint, she plopped it into the pan and rotated it back and forth. Maybe by the time she finished all four walls, she’d have a renewed sense of serenity.

er cell buzzed. She discarded the roller altogether and raced for the phone.
“Regina,” she spoke into the mouthpiece.

“Reggie.” Her best friend sounded upset.

What was wrong? Had Rod somehow found out where she was? The thought had her heart thumping hard. “What’s the matter, Tiah?”
“I had to call. I got a bad feeling. Are you all right?”
Relief washed over her as Regina shifted her balance from one foot to the other.
“Yes, but something odd happened today.”


“A flock of dead ravens were found next to my place.”

On the other end, she heard a gasp. Clearly Regina hadn’t exaggerated the significance of the birds. It meant trouble. What kind, though, she wasn’t sure.
“I don’t like this, Regina. Let me come stay with you for a while. Just until we know what’s going on.”

Regina inhaled, then let out a shaky breath. “I don’t think that’d be wise. Rod is probably watching you. I can’t chance him finding me.”

“I’m worried, Reggie. With me there, we could at least perform a protection spell.”

“Let me think about it. Right now I’m trying to get my business off the ground, and I wish this hadn’t happened. What if they find out I’m Wiccan and think I killed those birds with some kind of dark magic? It’d be Salem all over again.”

“You know how I felt about you choosing such a small town to move to. Everyone is so close-minded. They think Wiccan and assume something bad. Most don’t understand the difference between white and black magic.”
A loud crash had Regina whirling around just in time to see a rock skid across the hardwood floor. She looked up and found a gaping hole in the picture window and glass scattered all over everything. “I have to go, Tiah. I’ll call you as soon as I can.” She tossed her phone onto the table, wondering what to do.
Her focus fell on the large stone. Something was written on it … in red paint.
She moved closer, and the words she made out stopped her heart.

About the author:

Jerri Drennen was raised on a farm in a small town in Minnesota. She met her husband and moved to Southeastern Missouri where they live today with three of their four children and an array of furbabies.
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Finding Love When You Least Expect It

Vacations aren't the same for everyone. And tracking down your stolen twin can be a little frustrating until bullets fly past you, then it's flat out dangerous. Two strangers become allies and find love along the way.




The following excerpt occurs after seeing Simone and Seth see their tour van careen over the crumbling cliff in Austria’s mountains, and realizing there was no way to climb down to help the other passengers if they survived… Simone and Seth look for shelter.
“We’ll need to walk through the woods to get out of here,” he said. “And there’s likely to be animals out here somewhere.”
She took a deep breath, listening to all his reasons why they couldn’t help those people. Blowing it out she knew most of what he said was right. It did nothing to make her feel better—nothing at all.
Unless you know of some sort of shelter down there that’s inviting death. Even if we get to them in one piece, what then? What do we take care of their wounds with?”
I don’t know, Seth, but we can’t just stand here doing nothing.”
Something she said must have gotten through that thick skull. His shoulders relaxed as he nodded his head.
Simone, we’ll never make it down safely. What we need to do is stay alive. Come on, it turns cold up here early.” He pulled off his ski gloves, unzipped his white ski parka, and took out his iPhone. “If you have a cell, I suggest trying for a signal. Let’s check out the little shanty back in the woods… see if it’s dry. We can stay there.”
We?” Simone groaned, pushing off on her thighs to stand. “Why don’t I stay here? If anyone heard the van hit the valley, they’ll see the tracks coming down the mountain. They’ll come for us.”
Here,” he said, handing her his cell. “I’ll run up to the house, check it out while you keep trying for a signal. Come get me if you see anything.”
She waved her phone through the air to pick up a signal. “Hard to believe there aren’t any cell towers up here—this being a touristy area,” she said before he slipped into the woods.
He called over his shoulder, “Most tourists come for the mountains, not for the cell reception, miss.”
“You don’t have to...” she started to say, but a muffled explosion rocked the cold mountain air, sending her stumbling forward. Together they bolted to the crumbling edge. She closed a hand over her mouth as the sight of the flames dancing around the tour van burned into her mind. They were too far up to make out any movement, but she knew they were dead. No one could have survived that blast.
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A Highland Guard Novel

The Saint

Author: Monica McCarty
Published By: Ballantine Books
Date Published: 2012
Pages: 414
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: (1-5 )  4

The Saint is part of this author's A Highland Guard Series. It focuses on Magnus McKay, called “the Saint” by his friends and Helen Sutherland. Several years earlier Helen chose her family over her love for Magnus and they have not seen each other sense. However, Helen and Magnus are once again thrown together and Helen vows to make Magnus love her again despite his cool actions toward her. Soon the two are facing more than just the danger to their hearts as they fight to protect their king Robert the Bruce and the country they both love.
Christina's Thoughts:

This is the first novel I have read by this author. The description caught my attention because I love Scottish historical romances. I liked the way the author began the book. She introduced us to the main characters in a prologue which takes place 3 years earlier. I know some readers do not like prologues but I felt that this one added to the story. It provided important back story in an interesting way.
As the story progresses the author does a good job of interweaving action, with romance and intrigue. All of the characters add to the fullness of the story. No one is added simply to take up space.
As a reader I was able to feel the emotions that both Magnus and Helen were struggling with. At times I did feel as if they both needed a good knock to the head, but considering the circumstances that is understandable.

Overall opinion

I really enjoyed this book. The author provided just the right amount of tension, romance, and history to keep me satisfied. I will definitely check out the other books in this series and I recommend The Saint to anyone who enjoys Scottish historical romances.

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Catching Up With Author Tiffinie Helmer






Interview with Romance Author Tiffinie Helmer

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When my mother told me to quit making up stories and tell her the truth. I was like eight. And telling stories was much more fun than the truth. Though I didn’t enjoy the spankings. Now, I can weave tales and not worry about spankings that is unless I want—nope not going to go there.
How long does it take you to write a book?
Depends on the book. I’ve written a book in a year, and the same length of story in three months. Some stories just write themselves, or life moves aside so they can be written. Sometimes life likes to challenge me.  
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I write on the graveyard shift. There is magic after midnight.
What do you think is the best way of publishing a book these days? 
Whether its traditional publishing or Indie publishing, that is for the author to decide personally what is best for them. For me, it’s both. The most important thing is the reader and getting my book into their hands.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
A lot of them come from my life. My life is anything but normal.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I throw pottery, especially if I’m experiencing writer’s block. I have my own wheel, kiln, and studio. Actually it’s really part of the garage, but studio sounds so much chicer, doesn’t it? Oh, and I spend my summers commercial fishing on the Bering Sea of Alaska. Yeah, I’m a badass.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
I’m funny. Seriously, I’m not joking. I write sexy, sometimes dark, but humor or sassiness comes through pretty loud.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
Ten big ones! Usually the one I’m currently working on. But I do have a soft spot for HOOKED (which isn’t out yet) since my hero is an Alaskan Trooper based on Daniel Craig, and I have it bad for Daniel Craig. This character also moonlights in two other books.

Can you tell me and your readers something about your main characters?
For Dreamweaver, releasing today, I killed my hero in a previous book. Usually that’s the end of a great character, but obviously Lucky Leroy Morgan didn’t want to stay dead. He saw his future and the woman destined for him, and he is doing everything to be with her. I love a man willing to sacrifice everything for the woman he loves, and Lucky is that man.

Gemma is a contemporary woman with traditional values. And a crazy mother. She’s trying to run a business and keep her mother on her meds, while questioning her own sanity when she starts having nightly visits from a dream lover. Only he isn’t a dream.

I love these two characters. They have chemistry, and heart, and their beliefs are tested to the edge of no return in this story.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I love my readers! Everyday I’m get mail wondering when the next book will be out. Or threatening me to hurry and get that next book out.

What do you think makes a good story?
The characters. The books that I’ve read and loved, the ones that stay with me, I can remember the characters names. I strive very hard to always put the characters first.
What are your favorite book genres in writing and reading? Why?
Romance! All of it. From paranormal, to mystery, contemporary, or historical. I love it all. Love is the biggest adventure out there. People die, kill, and sacrifice all in the name of love.

They won’t survive if they can’t survive each other…
Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan has waited five years to reunite with Wren Terni, the woman he's always loved. Flying back home for his sister's wedding with only him and Wren in a chartered bush plane guarantees he'll have her undivided attention.

Ever since Skip arrested her five years earlier, Wren vowed never to lay eyes on him again. She's gotten sober and made a life for herself that she's proud of. Seeing Skip now throws her into a tailspin.

When the plane crashes, they are forced to battle a violent arctic storm, outwit predators, and dispose of a dead body. They must find a way to get past their differences if they are to survive to have a future together.

That is, if they don't kill each other first.
A desperate man...
“Lucky” Leroy Morgan led a charmed life, until he was murdered. Now he’s stuck in Limbo, unwilling to move on after catching a glimpse of the future he was supposed to have and the amazing woman who was destined to be his. Using the Northern Lights as a conduit back to earth, he attempts to seduce her in her dreams, hoping to anchor himself to the physical plane. If he doesn’t win her heart, he’ll be forever lost.

A tempted woman...
Gemma Star is fairly conventional considering her hippie upbringing. Her biggest fear is that she’ll end up like her Tarot card reading mother, who isn’t all there. When Gemma starts having out-of-this-world sex with a dream lover, she starts to wonder if she is losing her mind along with her heart. What if her crazy mother is right? If she continues consorting with her Dreamweaver will there be lasting consequences to her soul?

Will their love survive? Or is it just a dream...
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Illegal cigars. Mistaken identity. Heated passion on a cold stormy night.


Twin brothers. One woman. Is she in love with the right one?
David Rutland has spent a lifetime covering for his errant twin brother and making things right. No more. Time for the irresponsible womanizer to grow up and face the music. But David isn't prepared for his world to be rocked when he meets the beautiful redhead who mistakes him for his missing brother. David doesn't know what's worse, deceiving his brother or deceiving this woman he's waited his entire life to find.

Gabriella Santori knows the meaning of a rock and a hard place. Lured by the big tipping Damien Rutland to save cigar bands for him at the cigar lounge where she works, she eventually realizes he's up to no good. She decides she's had enough and arranges a meeting to tell him, but she's taken back by the difference in him. He's not the creepy, macho, unnerving customer from the cigar lounge and before she knows it, she's smitten.

When Gabriella later discovers she's pregnant and learns that Damien is missing, she enlists David's help out of desperation. As the family waits for news of Damien's whereabouts, Gabriella can't help falling in love with the wrong brother...or is it? Must David forego the love of his life because of his twin's irresponsibility? And will they ever find his missing brother?

Excerpt 1:

“Don't go out there!”

Startled by her coworker's outburst, Gabriella slid to a halt, her hand poised on the swinging door leading to the smoking lounge.

“Why not? I have to start my shift.”

Ruthy hurried forward, her hand at her throat as though holding back the words. “There's an investigator asking a lot of questions. He's already grilled the rest of us but he doesn't know you're here. If you lay low he should be done and out of here soon.”

“Questions? About what?”

“Illegal cigars,” she whispered. “He said someone filed a complaint.”

Gabriella felt the blood drain from her face and the flesh on her scalp crawl like Medusa's. She had a pretty good idea what this was all about and who it involved.
“Did he mention any names?”

“No, but if you ask me, it's that guy with the ponytail, Damien. That evil name always gives me the creeps. I know you said he tips big, but watch your step.”
Yeah. Good advice.

The last thing Gabriella wanted to see again was the inside of a jail cell. She'd worked too hard to put that all behind her.

Ruthy hung up her apron, punched her timecard and left through the back door after one more warning glance.

Gabriella nudged the swinging door just enough to catch a glimpse of the smoking lounge and its customers. Most of the usuals were there: businessmen, a few politicians. Then she spotted the tall thin man in the beige overcoat who stood out from the regulars because he wasn't drinking or smoking. Instead, he scanned the room while jotting notes as he interviewed a patron.

She eased the door shut and leaned against the wall with a hand to her pounding chest. No matter how much Damien paid her, she had to put an end to it now. She couldn't afford to lose everything she'd worked so hard for, especially her self-esteem.

Nothing was going to stop her.

Excerpt 2:


After hanging up, David tossed the message slip in the center of Damien's desk pad.
“Here. You got a call from Gabriella Santori.”
“Who?” Damien stared at the note a moment, his face a mixture of confusion and wariness. Then, an evil grin hitched up one side of his mouth. “Oh, yeah. Gabriella. What'd she want?”
“Don't know. She said it was personal and she'd call you back.”
“Hmmm.” Damien appeared expectant, then turned his attention back to his desk after loosening the knot of his tie.
“Who is she?” David couldn't help himself, he had to ask.
“Just a waitress, or whatever you call those women at the smoking lounge. She serves drinks, passes out cigars, and is nice to the customers. Nobody special.”
Like hell. Damien's nonchalant, careless answer completely negated the opinion David had already formed. How could she be nobody special when she'd made a lasting impression on him? No, she was special all right. David just had to find out why.
“And I bet you were nice right back.”
“Hey, I admit I never pass up an opportunity. We had a few laughs, a little fun--if you know what I mean.” He winked and shook his hand in a cool down gesture. “She's quite a looker. Have you ever had a redhead, Dave? Whew, they're hot stuff. You should try one sometime. Maybe I'll introduce you.”
David shook his head. He couldn't believe they were brothers, never mind identical twins. Oh, sure, they looked exactly alike with the exception of Damien's stupid ponytail, but aside from that, they didn't have one single thing in common.
Everyone took an instant liking to the outgoing Damien. David was the one they called sensible. Damien was the one who jumped in to try something first. David calculated every move before making a decision. Damien was a rebel at heart, reckless in life and love. David usually stood by, watched out for him, cleaned up after him, smoothed the feathers he ruffled.
It had been a life-long job and at thirty-six he'd had his fill of it. He wasn't going to be responsible for Damien anymore.
“No thanks. I can get my own women.”
“Yeah, right, like they're lining up outside the door. You really should get a life, you know.”
“If you mean like yours, forget it.”
“Dave, when are you going to realize there's more to life than work?”
“Maybe when you realize there's more to life than play.”
“I do, that's why I have to leave tonight.”
“What do you mean, leave?”
“I'm heading south for a few days, to make some sales calls.”
“What are you talking about?” Irritation crept into David's controlled voice. “There are no sales trips planned this month. When did this come up?”
Damien shuffled things around on his desk, his usual stalling tactic. “Uh, just this morning. Something came up that I need to take care of personally. It'll only be a few days.”
David took a few steps forward, his fingers clenched painfully into his palms. “I need you here, Damien. This flu epidemic is killing us. We're working with a skeleton crew in the factory, all our office workers are out and with Dad still in Florida, I can't handle everything by myself.”
Ha! He almost laughed out loud at his own absurd remark. He'd been handling it for five years, since his father's heart attack. What possible difference could Damien's absence make, except give David one less problem to worry over?
He was about to explain how the woodworking company was the responsibility of both of them, how Dad counted on them both, when the phone rang again. David grabbed at the distraction.
“Rutland Woodworks.”
“Hi, um, David, right?”
It was her.
“Yes.” David's stomach tightened and he stood a little straighter.
“This is Gabriella Santori again. I'm sorry to bother you, but maybe I should leave a message for Damien after all since I don't know when I'll have a chance to call again.”
David bit his tongue while glancing toward Damien who didn't seem the least bit interested in the call. If he could just keep her talking for a little while longer...


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What Makes A Book Great?

I have started the 3rd book in my contemporary romance series and I keep wondering what makes a book great. We all have read books that were good and that we enjoyed while reading them, but once we finished, we put them aside and forgot about them. Then there are those books that we have read over and over again.

So what is the difference between these books? I want to know because I want my books to be those great ones that people want to read again.
To help me answer this question, I am going to re-read those books that I love. Those that I have already read so many times that the pages are creased and bent. I just need to decide which one to start with.

While I do that, I would love to hear from some of you about what you think makes a book not only good but great

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Just Released

She's spent her life avoiding love.

Captain Charlotte “Charlie” O'Brien, a doctor in the United States Navy, returns to her home in North Salem, Massachusetts to visit her family and make an important decision about her future. Mother Nature has other plans when a hurricane strikes, flooding the town and throwing Jake Sherbrooke in Charlie's path. Initially she believes Jake is nothing more than a rich playboy, but quickly, she learns that he is so much more.

The media calls him Prince Charming.

Jake Sherbrooke has never been one to follow the path laid out by his parents. That is why he started the Falmouth Foundation, a non-profit disaster relief organization rather than enter politics. When he learns of the destruction in North Salem, he immediately travels there to offer aid and meets Charlie O'Brien. Charlie is unlike any woman he has ever meet and he can not help but be drawn to her.

Soon neither can ignore the incredible chemistry between them. But will his reputation as a billionaire playboy damage their budding romance?

Where to purchase:

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A Sweet Contemporary Worth Checking Out

The CEO's Unexpected Proposal

Author: Karen Rose Smith
Published By: Harlequin
Date Published: 2012
Pages: 218
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed By: Christina Tetreault
Rating: (1-5 ) 4


Dawson Barrett returns to Miner's Bluff with his son after losing his wife in an accident two years earlier. His son, Luke, was with his mother at the time of the accident has not been emotionally the same since. In the hopes of healing Luke, Dawson contacts Mikala Conti, a music therapist. Dawson and Mikala went to high school together and were always close friends. Over the years, however, they lost touch. Despite this fact Mikala agrees to work with Luke.
Soon old feelings come to the surface as Mikala works closely with both Luke and Dawson. After one night of passion together, Dawson and Mikala are forever connected, but Dawson is not sure he is ready for that.

Christina's Thoughts:

The Harlequin Special Edition line is one of my favorite lines from that publisher. Recently I have been disappointed with some of the stories they have come out with, so I was a glad to see that this one meet their normal standards. Both Mikala and Dawson were likeable characters with real emotions and flaws. The author hinted at their shared past without overburdening the reader with back story.

Overall opinion

I enjoyed this book. It was what I would call a sweet contemporary romance. It contained the right amount of emotion and physical interaction without making me feel uncomfortable, but at the same time it was believable. The author did a very good job of developing her characters and the plot of the story while at the same time introducing us to characters she is planning to use in another book.

Overall I would recommend this book to readers who are looking for a sweet romance. If you enjoy erotic romance or suspense romance, this is not the book for you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Foretta  is the Winner of The Billionaire Playboy, Book 2 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series