Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not Your Average Romance Novel

Beneath the Wall
Author: Eryn LaPlant
Published By: Black Lyon Publishing
Date Published: 2012
Pages: 310
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed By: Christina Tetreault
Rating: (1-5) 5


Following the death of his mother, Jesse Parker goes in search of answers that arise when a mysterious man shows up at his mother's funeral. The search leads to a mysterious journal hidden behind a wall in his parents' closet. As Jesse reads the journal he discovers that woman he called his mother was really a woman he never knew. At the same time he learns how far people will go for the people they love.

Christina's Thoughts

I picked up this book because it called to me on two levels, one it was a romance and two the hero was a United States Marine. From the very beginning the story pulled me in and I often had trouble putting the story down as the author took us on Julianne Parker's journey as she finds not only herself but the love of her life all the while facing the brutalities of war.

Julianne Parker, a journalist from New York, travels to Vietnam during the war. At the very beginning Julianne is not taken serious by the Marine's she is with at Camp Dakota. Very quickly she sets out to prove to herself and the Marines that she can handle her role as a War journalist just as well if not better than a male reporter. Slowly she earns the respect of the men she is with and becomes a part of their Marine family.

Sgt Mack Roberts is THE perfect Alpha Male. He is physically and mentally strong. A true man's man, but at the same time he has deep emotions and will do anything for not only the woman he loves but the other men he is fighting with in Vietnam.

Unlike in many romance novels the hero and heroine do not instantly fall in love. As often happens in real life they start off as friends and then we see their relationship grow and change as we read about their time together in Julianne's journal. But the love story is not the only one the author presents to us through her novel. She also does a fabulous job of presenting to us a very dark time in US history. She includes great detail regarding the military as well as the emotions that those men and women must have felt while fighting a war that was so controversial. I truly felt the emotions experienced by the characters.

Overall opinion:

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a well-developed story with believable characters who get stuck in your mind and won't let you go until you finish the story. I hope this talented author publishes additional books in the future because if she does I will definitely pick them up.

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