Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#TeaserTuesday It is that time again

#TeaserTuesday Here is a tiny Unedited snippet from Redeeming The Billionaire coming soon.

“If I’d known you cooked like this, I would have started coming here every night for dinner weeks ago.”

“You can stop by for dinner whenever you want but most nights I don’t cook much more than left over soup and grilled cheese sandwich.” She raised her own zeppole to her mouth and took a bite, some of the custard from inside lingering on her lips.

Before she wiped it away with a napkin, he leaned toward her and licked it away with his tongue. “Mmm, tastes almost as good as you,” he said intent on kissing her, but instead Addie laughed stopping him dead in his tracks. “What’s so funny?”

“You. You probably say that to all the women you kiss.”

Only on one other occasion had she mentioned his past, which he appreciated. This time, however, he wanted her to know she wasn’t like the women he’d dated in the past. “Whatever I said to other women in the past doesn’t matter. Only you matter.” Now seemed like the perfect opportunity to give her the key. “I want you to have something.” He dug into the pocket of the jacket he’d tossed across his chair and pulled out the key. “You already have the elevator code, but I want you to have a key, too. That way you can come and go whenever you want, even if I’m not home.”

Addie accepted the key studying it as if it was a foreign object. “I’m not sure if I’ll stop by if you’re not there, but thank you.” She stuck the key in her jeans pocket. “I have an extra key in my desk that you can have.”

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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Good and Bad About Writing A Series

I love to read books that are part of a series. In fact some of my favorite books are those that are part of a series.  A series lets you not only fall in love with the characters in one book, but to see what happens to them well after their book ends. At the same time you get to know secondary characters before they go on to get their own stories.

Since these are my favorite stories to read, it made perfect sense to me that I should write a series or two of my own. At the time it sounded simple enough, create a family or two and tell each individuals' story.  How hard could that be?  Harder than I imagined.

When I started book 1 The Teacher's Billionaire in my series I made the mistake of not keeping excellent notes. With each book after that I tried to keep better notes relating to age, and what not but my note taking skills still weren't where they should be.  Now, as I complete Redeeming The Billionaire, fifth book in one series, and prepare to begin the second in my other series, I have decided it is time to get series about keeping track of important details about each character I include in a story regardless of how important they may or may not be.

In an effort to tackle my problem, I first created a Sherbrooke Family tree for my series The Sherbrookes of Newport and placed it over my desk.  It contains three generations of Sherbrookes.  Will everyone on that tree become a character in a book? I don't know but at least I know how each character is related.  Next, I created a chart listing the main characters in each book, their ages at the time of the book and how many years have passed in their book world. Over the next week or so I hope to make an actual map for North Salem, the fictitious  town where my second series Love On The North Shore takes place.  I am hoping that these steps will help make my writing process easier.  I would love to know how other successful series writers keep all their facts straight.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cover Reveal: Redeeming The Billionaire

Coming September 2014

Billionaire Trent Sherbrooke works hard and plays harder. He’s never once cared what the media or society says about him, until now.  Intent on making his way into the United States Senate, Trent hires campaign advisor Marty Phillips. A ruthless force in politics he’ll stop at nothing to get his candidate elected.

After a chance encounter throws local small business owner Addison Raimono in Trent’s path, Marty believes he's found Trent’s ticket into Washington.

Ignoring his conscious that insists he leave Addison alone, Trent sets out to win her over. Soon what he assumed would be a relationship to salvage his reputation turns into so much more. But can a relationship started on a lie ever survive?


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#TeaserTuesday A snippet from Redeeming The Billionaire

Teaser Tuesday is here again. So here  is an UNEDITED snippet of my current WIP Redeeming The Billionaire, book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series which is currently with my critique partner.
“We all have things that bother us.” He lowered his head toward hers, set on satisfying his need to kiss her while at the same time distracting her from the storm outside.
“Even you?” she asked her voice softer now.
He stopped mere inches from her mouth. “Even me,” he whispered before his lips descended on hers. Against his, her lips were warm and sweet and at first he kept his kisses gentle allowing himself to savor every moment. The longer they kissed the greater the fire inside him burned. When Addie pressed her breasts against him and parted her lips, he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his tongue inside to meet hers.
Outside another boom of thunder crashed echoing the thudding of his heart. Pulling his mouth away from Addie’s he trailed his lips down her neck and then back up to her ear lob. With his tongue he traced the outline of her ear causing Addie to sigh. With slow movements, he retraced his steps pausing once again at her lips and kissing her before working his way to her other ear. As he sucked on her ear lob, warm skin came in contact with his as Addie’s hands slid under his T-shirt and up his back. At first her movements remained tentative, but when he once again pressed his mouth against hers, they became  more confident. Like a wildfire devouring dry brush, desire overtook him and Trent reached for the buttons on her top.
Without breaking their kiss, he undid each tiny button eager as a little boy on Christmas morning to remove the barrier between them. When he got the last button undone, he pushed the top from her shoulders, tossed it on the floor and then pulled back. For a moment he stared in silence, his eyes taking in the site before him. “Beautiful,” he said as he reached out and slid her bra straps down her shoulders. When she opened her mouth as if to comment, he covered it with his again. Then he reached around her back and undid the hooks of her bra.