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Book Review: The Blue Lute

I have not done a book review in awhile, but I wanted to share this one with everyone.

The Blue Lute
Published By: Black Lyon Publishing
Date Published: 2013
Rating: (1-5) 5

I have to admit I have loved time travel romance novels ever since I picked up a Lynn Kurland time travel novel when I was in college. There is just something about them that calls to me. Anyway since then I have read several. Some have been fantastic and others sounded much better than they turned out to be. Recently, I picked up The Blue Lute, a time travel romance novel by author Eryn LaPlant and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

It is the story of Lilly Charles, graduate student in modern day New York City, and Brandon Crowley a musician from the 1920's now living in New York. More comfortable surrounded by dusty books and relics from the past, Lilly is focused on one thing earning her PhD and working at one of the fabulous museums in the city. That is until fate brings her and Brandon together. At first Brandon only wants to return to 1928 and the woman he left behind. As the two work together to not only uncover what happened at The Blue Lute the night Brandon time traveled but also find a way to send him back, a romance blossoms. I am not going to say any more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Over all I have to give this book 5 stars. Both Lilly and Brandon are believe characters who are easy to identify with. The author did a fantastic job with the historical data in the book. I could easily picture myself in a 1920's speakeasy listening to jazz music with a few gangsters stopping in every once in awhile. She also threw in a few unexpected twists and turns that kept me reading well into the night.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys both historical as well as time travel novels. I do not think either group would be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teaser Tuesday!

Today's snippet is from my newest release The Billionaire's Best Friend.

Nate crossed the small kitchen and entered the furnished living room. Flipping on the light, another memory hit him as he stared at the open bedroom door. This time, though, it didn't involve his grandparents or his old high school buddies. This one involved him and Lauren. She'd not only been the girl next door but his girlfriend all through high school and up until he’d left for the Naval Academy after graduation.
They'd started out as childhood friends at the same preschool and had done lots of activities together. In elementary school, their interests led them into different activities. He'd been big into sports, while Lauren had spent hours dancing and taking voice lessons. Despite their different paths, they'd stayed close.
Then their last year of middle school things changed. No longer had he seen her as a pal. Instead, every time he looked at her his teenage body had gone into overdrive. Starting that summer until he left for the Academy they'd been an item. Together they’d experienced all the teenage firsts: first kiss, first time skipping school, first time having a drink—and first time having sex.
Staring at the bedroom door, it was that first his mind fixated on. It had been near the end of their sophomore year in high school. He’d picked her up at the private high school she attended, and they'd sneaked up to the empty apartment over the garage. Although they'd fooled around in the past, that particular hot May afternoon things went further than ever before. Soon they'd found themselves under the covers of the queen-sized bed.
In all honesty, it had been a less-than-epic occasion for both of them. He'd been all thumbs trying to get the condom on, and neither had really known what they were doing. Afterward, he'd been embarrassed by his performance or lack thereof, but she had not complained. Instead, she curled up next to him for the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Last Straw by Debut Author Nia Simone

Ally Tobin left New York after one too many bad dates, determined to rebuild a stable life and career as a private investigator in Silicon Valley. But when the man she knew as one name walks into her office with another, will her curiosity once again lead her to risk her heart?
The last thing Special Agent Jared Green needs is "security risk" stamped on the resume of his latest undercover identity. Especially by the woman his job forced him to leave in New York without any explanation. She may threaten his cover, but it's his heart on the line. 
He's good at playing a part. She's good at catching a fake. Can they trust enough to give love another chance?
The Last Straw will be FREE on amazon from September 17th until September 20th

He sauntered through the door, a white, button- down shirt tucked into belted khakis. When his dark gaze found her, he stopped. Stared. Her throat dried and a rustling motion stirred in her abdomen.

“Hi. I’m Darren Ray.”

Keep your cool, she commanded herself, standing and reaching across the desk. His hand was rough.

She yanked her hand back and waved at the chair. “Please, have a seat.” He waited for her to sit before settling in the visitor’s chair. “So, Darren, according to this, you’re being considered for a programmer position in the IT department. Tell me about your background.”

A professional mask settled over his features. “As you can see on my résumé, I have several years of consulting experience.”

“Tell me something about your experience as a mechanic.” Working on his prized old Mustang had been a favorite hobby.

The corner of his mouth twitched. “What do you mean? That’s not in my résumé.”

“You don’t have the hands of a programmer. More of a mechanic.” Oh, his hands.

“Okay, you got me.” He was going to confess. This should be good. “When I’m not programming computers I’m working on my car.”

“And what were you doing in New York City?”

He reached across her desk for a piece of paper, plucked a pen from its stand and scrawled something. When she took the note their fingers brushed. Meet me for dinner at Pico’s at 7. I’ll explain everything. Can’t talk here.
Meet The Author
Nia Simone grew up on the side of a ski slope in Squaw Valley, USA. Later, while learning the craft of story writing, she worked in nonprofit and then high-tech.

The best part of working in the computer field was meeting her husband. He took up skiing and she helped him document his computer inventions! They live in "Silicon Valley" in California where their favorite thing to do is cook together for friends. Nia’s specialties are dessert and veggies while her husband’s are entrees and sourdough bread.

Their only pet at the moment is the sourdough starter, which lives in the fridge and requires bi-weekly feeding.
Nia blogs every day about travel, food, writing, books, skiing and photography at (where she won the Versatile Blogger Award and Inspiring Blogger Award).
Nia can contacted at:
Before you go be sure to leave a comment for Nia. She will be awarding a $25 AZ gift card to one randomly picked commenter.  To increase your chances of winning visit the other stops on this tour.

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Teaser Tuesday Again

For today's Teaser Tuesday I thought I would post a slightly longer excerpt than the one on my Facebook Page.  The excerpt if from The Billionaire's Best Friend due out September 23.

Her head snapped back around, a challenge in her eyes. "And some things we forget very easily." An undercurrent of anger laced her tone.

Nate held her gaze. "Care to explain?”

"There's nothing to explain. Not now anyway." For the first time all evening her polite tone dropped away. “Let’s just leave it and watch TV.”

Leave it? After her implication, he couldn't just leave it. "Not happening. What did you mean?" Even if the best he could ever hope for with her was friendship, he needed to get past her anger first.

Lauren unexpectedly jumped to her feet, took a few steps away and whirled around to face him. "Fine. You want to talk about the past? We'll talk. You promised to write. Do you remember that, too?" She took a step closer. "That day you said we'd stay in contact, but you never bothered."

His gut winced. When he'd said the words way back then he'd meant them. He'd even tried once. He had picked up the phone, started to dial, and hung up. Unsure of just what he intended to say, Nate stood as well. "Lauren let me—"

"Don't make up any excuses.” She stepped toward him and jabbed a finger into his shoulder. “I don't want to hear it. Besides, it doesn't matter now. We've both moved on."

In one motion, Nate wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her closer. The sudden physical contact caused his heart rate to rev like the engine of his brother’s prized Corvette. “Bullshit.”

With his hand still wrapped around her wrist, she took a step away from him. "Soon you'll go back to wherever the military wants you. We may never see each other again. The past doesn't matter."

"Like I told you the other night, Lauren. I am not leaving." He focused on removing the anger from his voice.

A cynical smile formed on her face. "You left the marines? Yeah, right. They mean more to you then I ever did." The anger he'd heard before diminished, but sadness took its place.

Nate reached out his free hand and touched her cheek. "That's not true, and I'm no longer on active duty." The warmth from her skin managed to penetrate through the calluses on his hands. "I'm in the reserves now. Last month I graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico."

Lauren's eyes flew open. "You're an FBI Agent? Seriously!" Her voice hit the next octave.

Surprise and shock trumped anger any day of the week. "Yeah, in the Boston field office."

"Wow, that's..." The awe in her voice trailed off. "That doesn't change anything." She took a step back, and his hand fell away.

With the increased distance between them, again the sunshine he'd felt bathed in a moment ago disappeared. "I don't believe that." In two steps he closed the distance between them. Before she could move again he made his move. He let his lips brush against hers.

Home. The word lit up in his head. Regardless of the years gone by, he belonged right here with this woman. He always had.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Travel Back to The Roaring 20's with The Blue Lute

AHHHH!! The day has come - The Blue Lute is here!! (or will be as soon as the Amazon link shows up).

Along with the release you'll also have the pleasure of learning all about The Blue Lute's origins while by following me on my blog tour. You'll read about the influences that triggered the story from vivid first hand experiences to the world of old Hollywood. But that's what is to come... today we're going to celebrate!


Christina and I have set up a Rafflecopter for a Blue Lute Gift Package. Enter below to win a Lilly's favorite chocolate, a custom designed keychain, a title-bearing pen, and an Autographed Paperback!  I had you at chocolate didn't I?


Now down to business… do you love a good mystery? Are you intrigued by time travel? Do you like the dark side of history – the Prohibition, the gangsters, the showy opulence? Good, then you will LOVE The Blue Lute!




A doctoral candidate in history, Lilly Charles lives in a modern-day treasure trove of 1920s architecture—Manhattan’s St. Jean Apartments. The former hotel was once in the center of New York City’s jazz scene, and holds secrets Lilly is only beginning to discover.

A musical star in his own time, Brandon Crowley lived in an age of prohibition and gangsters, surrounded by the glamour of old Hollywood and the comfort of true friendships. As co-owner of the notorious speakeasy, The Blue Lute, he poured his life and love into his business—as a storm fueled by passion, liquor, murder and money was unleashed. And in the midst of it all, Brandon simply disappeared.

When Lilly sees Brandon in a nearly 80-year-old photograph from the basement of the St. Jean, her reality comes undone. Could he be the same man she just saw arrested for breaking into the building? As Lilly is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Brandon’s life, a new storm of desire and danger begins to brew. Beneath the silvery moon and glitter of Times Square, an epic love story across the decades is about to unfold.

Purchase the book now:
Black Lion Publishing

I want to say a special thank you to my accidental cousin, Christina Tetreault, for helping me tame this beast. And I don’t mean beast lightly at all. Before Christina read it this book was just about 800 pages long. It included a full scene of Brandon, our hero’s first day and a whole subplot involving a twisted cop who Lilly pays off to let Brandon out of jail. It was epic! But nothing in that story worked. The chemistry was off, the dialogue so over winded and scenes that never went anywhere. Thanks to Christina, she gave her time away from her own book and her family to help create the riveting story that you can pick up today. You’re the best accidental cousin ever! And once again…. AHHH!!!! Go read The Blue Lute – You won’t be disappointed!

Meet The Author

Eryn LaPlant grew up wishing she could have lived in another time, so now she writes her own romances and lives through her characters. When not writing, she spends time with her loving husband, and their handsome son in the land of Lincoln. If she can't live in the past, she figures she can at least live amongst it!


Before you go be sure to enter for a chance to win Eryn's Blue Lute Gift Package. Contest ends September 20.


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Book Feature: Death in the Blood

You’ve come a long way, baby!

First, he was ruthless, “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” walking the corridors of centuries and loving every minute of it…

Then the “penitent vampire” raised his handsome head. Suddenly immortality is no longer a blessing. He broadcasts his angst, lamenting his ability to live forever, hating the fact that he’s forced to kill others to continue his own survival, while he searches the world for someone brave enough to accompany him on his Undead travels.

After that, he became sensitive, hiding his immortality, getting a night job, making human friends, actually coming to their rescue when needed and protecting them from his fellow Undead, the so-called “predators”…

and now, he sparkles

Quite frankly, the only time a vampire should sparkle is just before he bursts into flame, and with that statement, I say, Bring back the Old Time vamps!

And I’m going to try, if I have to do it singlehandedly. With a little individual tweaking here and there, they stick to the rules set down long ago by Bram Stoker:

avoid sunlight,
no garlic allowed,
easy on the crosses and holy water,
keep plenty of native soil around,
bring on the virgins!

Christopher Landless is my latest Undead creation and he follows the lead set by Damien laCroix, Vlad Chemare, the Andriescus, and Karel Novotny. Oh, Kit has a bit more conscience than his nosferatu brethren. He still remembers what it was to be human, but when it gets right down to the nitty and the gritty, he fights to save those like himself and not humans. In spite of that, I believe I’ve still managed to make him someone the readers will like.

Kit’s story stretches from 1794 to the year 2580. For a while, Man and Vampire managed to live side-by-side peacefully, then a terrible event occurs making humans decide vampires are too dangerous to be allowed to go free. They’re imprisoned in concentration camps, on islands surrounded by moats of blessed water.

It was a challenge to fall back on the expected way of containing and fighting vampires while transforming them into futuristic forms. Staying true to the original genre while updating it to near-science fiction f was a definite test of originality and writing skills. I hope, I believe, I managed it adequately.

Who’s killing the vampires of Albidon-7?

In 2392, the Vampire Census and Treatment Bill not only acknowledges that vampires exist but enables anyone under “hemoglobin addiction” to be registered and supplied with the substance of his addiction without reprimand or retribution. Then the Bethel Bloodbath occurs in 2495, and vampires are considered too dangerous to roam free. They’re contained in concentration camps on various worlds. When several inmates are destroyed by someone injecting silver nitrate into their blood transfusions, Lieutenant Katherine Dalia enlists vampire leader Christopher Landless to help her investigate.

Kit wants nothing to do with a Breather but Katherine persists and soon they’re not only involved in the crime but with each other. Risking the loss of his vampire lover as well as the scorn of fellow Undead as he embarks on a love affair with a mortal, Kit may discover who wants imprisoned vampires dead but he’s also going to learn a shocking truth…old crimes never go unpunished.
Have your attention yet?  Read below for an excerpt.
Kit's attention was distracted as he heard someone call his name, turned and saw Antony coming toward him.
Antony Burgess was tall and blond also, four years younger than Kit when they'd been alive, ten years his junior as an Undead.
He smiled a greeting as the younger man raised one hand.
Kit and Antony were contemporaries; they'd been robbers together, shared adventures, many noggins of ale, and assorted women during their brief lifespans, and Kit considered Tony his best friend.
He reached Kit's side. "Well, another week, another pint! Not like the ones we slugged down in the Coachman, but ’twill suffice, I suppose!" As Kit made an agreeing sound, he turned to Honor, seized her hand and planted a quick kiss upon it. "Good even, my Lady! Awaiting yon delectable feast?"
Antony always assumed that pseudo-eighteenth century manner when around Honor. He knew it amused her.
Her smile matched his. "Aye, Tony—such as ’twill be!"
That brought a loud sigh. "Oh, damn, it does leave a lot to be desired, doesn't it?"
"Do I detect a note of dissatisfaction?" Kit asked. Antony, he'd found, had always been adaptable to whatever came along, accepting it in the best humor possible.
"Blast it, Kit—you know I always try to see the bright side, but—" The blond head shook, pale brows scowling downward, mouth following; whenever Antony was negative, so was his entire body. "I miss it—the stalking, the thrill of the hunt...." he sighed again, "...fresh blood, hot from...." Honor made a slight sound and he stopped apologetically, "Sorry, Honor—that wasn't very gallant of me, was it—reminding us of what we've lost?"
She put a hand on his arm, "It's all right, Tony, we all—" and broke off as he gasped slightly and jerked away from her grasp. "What is it?"
"I—" He shook his head, brushing one hand across his eyes, "I don't know.... Suddenly I feel dizzy...."
Once more, Honor touched his arm only to have him again move away.
"Don't! That hurts!"
"Tony, what—" Kit began, sharply cutting off the rest of the sentence as his friend turned a stricken face toward him.
"Kit—" Abruptly, he doubled over, Kit catching him as he fell, hearing him gasp, "Dear God, Kit, my veins are on fire!" and nearly dropping him in the shock of hearing Antony actually speaking the Name.
He slid to the ground, was on his knees, vainly attempting to stand, the pain keeping him bent over. One hand clawed at Kit's arm and he seized his friend by the shoulder, trying to haul him upright, seeing something that stopped the movement.
There was blood on his sleeve.
For a moment, he thought the scrabbling fingers had scratched him, then realized with a jolt of absolute fear that the blood was coming from Antony, seeping from under the short, perfectly manicured nails of the pale hand clutching his forearm.
Others were noticing now, beginning to hover around, a murmur floating through them.
"What's happened?"
"What's wrong?"
Kit was still attempting to lift him bodily, surprised at how heavy the younger man suddenly became, at how weak he abruptly was.
Antony raised his head, face contorted in pain, mouth opening to scream. The veins in his neck were swelling, filling like pipes with no outlet for their flow, vessels in his eyes shredding, the conjunctiva suffused with blood, and Kit's own startled eyes met the suffering blue ones awash in that sea of red.
"Kit...." A single strangled sound of anguish.
Antony's body exploded.
Kit staggered backward under the blast of blood washing over him, clutching a moment at the hand before it slid from his grasp. Then, he simply stood there, stunned and silent, staring down at the ruptured mass of flesh that had been his friend.
Honor touched his shoulder and he turned toward her slightly, started to take her in his arms, then realized he was covered with Antony's blood and pushed her away.
Behind him, one of the females began to sob quietly, pressing her face against a male's shoulder.
By this time, a Med-tech and one of the guards, hearing the commotion, had arrived. The sentry, taking a brief, face-blanching look at the body, was kneeling a few feet away, vomiting loudly into the Compound dirt, while the other vainly followed his training and attempted to find a pulse.
Kit had an almost overwhelming desire to laugh at the absurdity of his actions and wondered if he were about to succumb to hysteria.
Contact the Author:


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Sultry Summer Reads Blog Hop

The Grand Prize Is A Kindle Fire HD 7”. And Second Prize Is A 100.00 Gift Card to Amazon or B&N. Plus books to go on the winner’s new Kindle.

Due to shipping costs some prizes are only open to individuals in the US and Canada
All the rules and how the hop will work it listed on the Safari Heat site. Follow the link below.



Thank you for joining me on this Sultry Summer Reads Blog Hop.  Summer might be almost over, but that doesn't mean you can not keep the heat turned up with the help from a good romance novel.  Below is a short excerpt from upcoming book The Billionaire's Best Friend due out on September 23.

Lauren tipped her face toward his hand. His gentle caress both calmed and aroused her at the same time. “When they didn't answer either, I came here. I needed to know you were okay. That I hadn't lost you again.”

Nate bent his head toward her, his intent obvious on his face.

“I can't lose you again,” Lauren said, sounding breathless.

He wrapped both arms around her, crushing her against his chest. “You won't. Promise.”

Lauren got no opportunity to respond before he locked his mouth on hers again. Years of bottled up passion and emotion exploded between them. As his tongue explored and tasted, Nate's hands slipped under her shirt. When he slid his hand under her bra to cup her breast, her legs wobbled and she leaned into his hand.

Her own hands grabbed at his undershirt pulling it out of his jeans so that she could feel the skin underneath. When she trailed her fingers up his spine, he groaned then picked her up. Instantly she wrapped her legs around his waist causing his erection to press intimately against her.

Lauren pulled back for air and met Nate's heated gaze.

“God, I've missed you, Lauren.” Nate's words came out on a ragged breath.

The same words sat on her lips, as did I love you. Rather than say them, however, Lauren leaned in to show him. And although she didn't think it possible, their kiss became more intense. As they kissed and touched, their passion escalated toward the stars. Unwrapping her legs, she slid down him when they entered his bedroom then grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Nate didn't hesitate and followed suit. His undershirt hit the bedroom floor as he kicked the door closed with his barefoot. Then as one they landed on his bed, tugging off the rest of each other’s clothes.

“I love you.” The words slipped out of her mouth just as he entered her. She didn't have time to register what that meant as her brain turned off and her body took over.
In addition to the grand prizes, I will be awarding an ebook version of The Billionaire Playboy and The Billionaire Princess to one commenter.  Please be sure to leave your email address along with your comment.
Each visitor can earn up to 4 entries on each blog. You can do one of them or all of them.  It is up to you. Here are the ways:
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Book review for paranormal romance lovers

How many of you reread books?  I know I do and recently I reread a book by one of my favorite paranormal romance authors, Jessica Andersen.  Below is my review of that book.

Sky Keepers is the third book in the Jessica Andersen's incredible Final Prophecy Series. In this book readers really get to Michael Stone, who was a secondary character in the first two books. Michael has a dark secret that has skewed his magical abilities toward the underworld. As a way to redeem himself he sets out to save Sasha Ledbetter, the daughter of a renowned Mayanist who died the previous year.

Sasha, a chef, spent her entire life hearing about the ancient group of warriors known as the Nightkeepers, but she never believed in them. Then Michael Stone comes barreling into her life.

Soon Michael and Sasha must join forces to prevent the forces of evil from getting stronger. At the same time they must confront the passion that burns between them.

Christina's Thoughts:
I have a love hate relationship with Jessica Andersen's Final Prophecy series. I love the world and the characters that the author has created. They are life like and jump off the page to the point that you almost expect them to be standing next to you. The author does a marvelous job of interweaving action, drama, and romance into every chapter of the book.

I hate the series because once I start reading a book from it I CAN NOT PUT IT DOWN until it is done. The books suck me and I just need to know what is going to happen next. I can not say this about many book,

Overall opinion
I loved this book just as much as I did the first two in the series. I consider it a must read for any paranormal romance readers out there. Since it is part of series, I would recommend that people read the first two books before picking this one up. There are some references to events in the previous two scattered in this one. I can not wait to dive into the next book in the series which is sitting on my Kindle right now.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Feature: The Reluctant Bride

Winner of the Choc-Lit Australian Star competition!
Emily Micklen is proud, passionate – and left with no option after the death of her loving fiancé, Jack, but to marry the scarred, taciturn, soldier who needs to secure a well-connected wife.

Major Angus McCartney hopes that marriage to the unobtainable beauty whose confident gaze about the ballroom once failed to register his presence will offer both of them a chance to put the past to rest.

Emily’s determination to be faithful to Jack’s memory is matched only by Angus’s desire to win her with honour and action. Sent to France on a mission of national security, Angus discovers how deeply Emily has been duped, but the secrets he uncovers lead them both into danger. Can Angus and Emily unmask the real conspirators before they lose everything?
Excerpt From The Reluctant Bride
‘It’s not a sin, unless you get caught.’

The gentle breeze seemed to whisper Jack’s teasing challenge, its soft, silken fingers tugging at Emily’s ingrained obedience. She put down her basket and stared with longing at the waters below, sweat prickling her scalp beneath her poke bonnet as desire warred with fear of the consequences.

‘Where’s your sense of adventure, Em?’

Still resisting, Emily closed her eyes, but the wind’s wicked suggestiveness was like the caress of Jack’s breath against her heated cheek; daring Emily to shrug aside a lifetime of dutiful subservience – again – and peel off her clothes, this time to plunge into the inviting stream beneath the willows.

She imagined Jack’s warm brown eyes glinting with wickedness. Taunting her like the burr that had worked its way into the heel of her woollen stockings during her walk.

Exhaling on a sigh, Emily opened her eyes and admitted defeat as she succumbed to the pull of the reed-fringed waters.

Desire had won, justified by practicality. If she had to remove one stocking to dislodge the burr she might as well remove both.

Scrambling down the embankment, she lowered herself onto a rock by the water’s edge. Her father would never know. If he glanced from his study in the tower room, where he was doubtless gloating over his balance sheet, he’d assume she was a village lass making her way along the track. Emily had never seen him interest himself in the poor except …

Like most unpleasant memories, she tried to cast this one out with a toss of her head, still glad her father had never discovered what she’d witnessed from her bedroom window one evening five years ago: the curious sight of Bartholomew Micklen ushering the beggar girl who’d arrived on his doorstep into his carriage.

Then climbing in after her before it rumbled down the driveway and out of sight.

Now was just another of those moments when Emily was glad her father remained in ignorance. Her insurance, should she need it, was that she knew a few of her father’s secrets the excise men might just want to know.

By the time the first stocking had followed Emily’s boots onto the grassy bank she was bursting with anticipation for her swim.

What did one more sin matter when she’d be Mrs Jack Noble in less than a week?
Want to read more? Pick up a copy at:
Meet the Author

Beverley Eikli is the author of eight historical romances published by Pan Macmillan Momentum, Robert Hale, Ellora's Cave and Total-e-Bound. Recently she won UK Women's Fiction publisher Choc-Lit's Search for an Australian Star competition with her suspenseful, spy-based Regency Romance The Reluctant Bride.

She's been shortlisted twice for a Romance Readers of Australia Award in the Favourite Historical category — in 2011 for  A Little Deception, and in 2012 for her racy Regency Romp, Rake's Honour, written under her Beverley Oakley pseudonym.

Beverley wrote her first romance when she was seventeen. However, drowning the heroine on the last page was, she discovered, not in the spirit of the genre so her romance-writing career ground to a halt and she became a journalist.

After throwing in her job on South Australia's metropolitan daily The Advertiser to manage a luxury safari lodge in the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, Beverley discovered a new world of romance and adventure in a thatched cottage in the middle of a mopane forest with the handsome Norwegian bush pilot she met around a camp fire.

Eighteen years later, after exploring the world in the back of Cessna 404s and CASA 212s as an airborne geophysical survey operator during low-level sorties over the French Guyanese jungle and Greenland's ice cap, Beverley is back in Australia teaching in the Department of Professional Writing & Editing at Victoria University, as well as teaching Short Courses for the Centre of Adult Education and Macedon Ranges Further Education.

She writes Regency Historical Intrigue as Beverley Eikli and erotic historicals as Beverley Oakley.

Beverley won the Choc Lit Search for an Australian Star competition with The Reluctant Bride.

Shortlisted for the 2012 Australian Romance Readers Award for her novel Rake's Honour

Finalist in the 2011 Australian Romance Readers Awards for her novel A Little Deception.

Amazon Author Page

Before you leave be sure to leave Beverly a comment. She will be awarding a $20 Gift Card to one randomly drawn commenter. To increase your chances of winning stop by the other stops on her tour.