Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#TeaserTuesday Snippet from The Billionaire Princess

It is Teaser Tuesday again. Here is a snippet from The Billionaire Princess book 3 in my series.  From now until the end of the month I am donating the proceeds from the sale of this book to Dog Orphans a no kill animal shelter.

Countless men had called her beautiful, yet coming from him it sounded different, more sincere perhaps. Running her tongue over her lips to moisten them, she met his gaze. Then they both took a step forward at the same instant. A tiny part of her brain went on autopilot when she felt her body come into contact with his. Slowly, he lowered his head toward hers and she found herself craving the taste of his lips more than she craved her next breath.

When his lips settled on hers he placed his hands on her shoulders, warmth seeping though her body. Their kiss remained gentle and sweet, but Sara allowed herself to learn the taste and texture of his lips, something she'd wanted to do since he climbed into the limo that afternoon.

The desire to increase the intensity of the kiss soon exploded. Sara wrapped her arms around Christopher's waist and anchored him against her as they continued to kiss. When the need for air became so great she feared his lungs would explode, Christopher pulled his mouth away from hers and began to leave a trail of kisses from the corner of her mouth across her jaw and down her neck.

In response Sara tilted her neck to the side to give him better access. Christopher continued his trail of kisses as his hands slid up and down the skin of her uncovered back causing her to tingle at his touch.

“Maybe we should go inside,” he whispered near her ear.

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