Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday Again

Today is Teaser Tuesday. Here is a snippet from The Billionaire Playboy book 2 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series which is now available as an audio book as well as ebook.

“Let me,” she whispered against his lips. She heard a deep intake of breath and couldn't contain her smile.

Charlie took her time undoing each tiny pearl button. Between each one she placed a gentle kiss on his lips or caressed his arm or back. The change in his breathing let her know her actions excited him. As she trailed a hand down his chest she wondered just how long she could tease him before he turned the tables. Jake didn't give her the opportunity to do anything else before tearing his arms out of the shirt as soon as she slipped the final button from its hole. The white t-shirt he wore underneath immediately followed, both of them quickly landing in a pile on the floor....

Jake with clothes on was gorgeous, but half-naked he was simply a sight to behold. Unable to stop herself, she ran a hand over his powerful chest then down his sculptured abs. She felt his abs contract and a new feeling of empowerment flowed through her.

 Lots of other authors are posting snippets today. Use the hash tag #TeaserTuesday on Facebook to discover more.

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