Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#TeaserTuesday Featuring Livia Quinn and Storm Crazy

Here is another fun excerpt for Teaser Tuesday. This one is from Storm Crazy which is on sale for .99 Cents.

“Oomph,” I sat back. Mr. Jackson wasn’t going to make it. Unless… Maybe there was something I could do, but then I’d never actually attempted it. Usually it just happened when things got out of control. Well—not things—me.
Part of the problem was I’d be in clear sight of anyone looking this way from their front yard or driving down the street, but if I didn’t try something before the EMTs arrived, he was going to die. I looked around. It had to be now. I wondered if my little zapper would have enough zip.
Mr. Jackson’s tirade had miraculously not drawn any attention. The street was deserted. A squirrel bounded onto the road nearby, swished his tail madly and took off toward a large oak. At least he couldn’t tell.
 Extending my hand out in front of me, Palm up, I concentrated, willing the power inside me to obey. Nothing. I squeezed my eyes shut, grit my teeth, and whispered hopefully, “Come to me.”
Blast! I sounded like a bad vamp movie. Separating my index finger, the one with the tiny tattoo-like image on the tip, away from my other fingers, I turned it up toward the darkening sky. The cells in my body began to vibrate. Like an energy solar panel, menori tapped the unstable air and focused it like a laser through the tattoo, accumulating until my head felt like it would explode.
The rumble beneath my feet was the only notice I had of the electric strike that rode straight up my legs, curling in my midsection and crawling swiftly along my right arm to produce my own version… of a Fourth of July sparkler, emanating out of that fingertip. Then the sparks changed. Brilliant bolts of crackling white light spit and sizzled in my palm, sending jagged streamers of hot blue fire ten feet into the air. I just gawked.
A car entering a nearby street freed me from the mesmerizing light display. This was different from any of the charging I’d previously experienced. Bigger. Usually it just sort of replenished on its own. Panicked, I looked over my shoulder, and exhaled. So far so good.
Now what? I needed to command the fire in my hand to... what? Before I could say, “Be gone,” or “Go thither,” the light subsided to a small crackly glow. That was it then. 
Instinct took over. I knelt beside Mr. Jackson, placing my glowing index finger against his chest. With a single szzwaattt, I zapped him, right in the heart. His chest arched up only the barest of seconds as it met my magical defibrillator, then his body relaxed.
Momentarily deafened and somewhat addled as my faculties came back online, I groped for the pulse in his neck. For a second I thought I’d failed. But then, his tired, smoke glutted organ started beating.
Thank the gods.
Only the slight whiff of burnt flesh remained on the wind. Drained of energy, I swiped the back of my hand across my forehead. And saw the mark.
Zeus’ rechargeable bolts! That better be temporary.”
Centered on the spot where I’d zapped him, a pale image was forming. It looked like a pale, mini version of… well… me.

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Meet The Author

Livia Quinn is a D.C. native living on the bayou in Louisiana. She began pursuing her dream of publication just before a little known event called Katrina. With several interruptions in her career, all involving weather, it’s only natural that storms would be at the center of many of her stories. She has written eight books based in the communities surrounding Storm Lake, an infamous, though fictional lake in Southern Louisiana.

View the Storm Lake pages and excerpts on my website and sign up for my newsletter at liviaquinn.com to be included in contests and release alerts.

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