Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#TeaserTuesday Featuring Barbara White Daille

It's that time of the week again so sit back and enjoy this little snippet from Romance Author Barbara White Daille. (Isn't the cover beautiful.)

Pete and Jane have no idea her family’s conspiring to make them a couple. Good thing, because they already have enough trouble trying to ignore their unwanted mutual attraction. 

“Remember that first date you wanted me to tell you about?” Jane asked.

“When you were seventeen.”

She nodded. “My dad chaperoned. A Christmas Ball at the officer’s club.”

“That must have put a damper on things.”

“I managed.” She raised her chin defiantly, but her cheeks turned pink.

The sight pleased him. She was such a mix of sophistication and shyness. “Let me guess. That’s where you got your first kiss?” He’d figured the question would get to her, and it did.

Looking away, she ran her fingertips along the edge of the dresser. “Yes. At the end of the dance. Only I had to make the first move.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nobody messes with a general’s daughter.”

She laughed, and as always, the low, husky note drew him in….

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  1. Christina - I've been posting Teaser Tuesdays at my own blog and Facebook page, too, and it's a very fun change to be a visiting author with *this* post today.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!