Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#TeaserTuesday with a snippet from The Billionaire Playboy

Must be nice not to have any regrets. He wouldn't mind trading places with her for a day or two.  Although if he told her that, she’d probably fall off her chair laughing.  Everyone thought he lived such a charmed life.  No one ever stopped to think about how much a pain in the ass it could be with the media waiting for you to make a mistake.
            “What about you?  Did you always want to work for your family's company?”
            “It wasn't anywhere on my radar.”  Jake heard the bitterness in his voice but he couldn't keep it from creeping in.  Although the foundation wasn't related to the hotel business, it was still tied to Sherbrooke Enterprises. 
            Charlie leaned forward, her interest obviously captured.  “Really?  What did you want to do?”
            The last rays of sunshine danced across her hair and her astute gaze flickered over his face as if she could learn the answer on her own.  And for some reason he sensed that perhaps she would truly understand; unlike anyone else he'd ever told.
            “If you laugh I swear I'll toss you overboard,” he threatened. 
            “I'm in the Navy, remember?  I can swim.”
            Jake threw her a dirty look.  “If that's the way you're going to be, forget it.”

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