Monday, March 17, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

First I would like to thank author E.L.R Jones for inviting me to participate in the blog hop.  Ms. Jones became a self-published author in September of 2103. She has 6 published works and another due out on April 7th of this year.  As an author with eclectic tastes her work ranges from short stories to erotica, all having some form of romance representative of the hopeless romantic in her. Her latest work is Night Hunter: E.L.R. Jones can be found at

Now a little about me. You have probably already guessed I am a full time author. I am also the mother of three beautiful daughters, two crazy dogs, and my hubby's personal assistant (his words not mine.) 

What I Am Working On:

This month I released my fifth contemporary romance.  The Courage To Love, is the first book in my newest series Love On The North Shore.  This series is a spin off series from my series titled The Sherbrookes of Newport, which contains four contemporary romance novels at the moment although I am working on the fifth for the series.

Why I Write What I Do:

I write because it is my passion.  For as long as I can remember I  have loved creating characters and stories. I write romance novels because they allow me a chance to provide everyone with a Happily Ever After. After all there are few things in the world better than loving another individual and knowing they love you in return. I believe my books, like most romance novels, give readers a chance to leave their own problems behind and just sit back and get lost in another place for a short time.

My Writing Process:

Unlike some authors I do not come up with elaborate outlines. I get a general idea of who my characters are some of the things that will bring them together and how I want it to end. Then I pull out my pen and a notebook and start to write. I write the entire book longhand first. Usually this takes up about 2 to 3 notebooks. Once that is done I type it into the computer, print it out and start the revision and editing process. It is not a quick process, but I have written all five of my books this way.

If you want to learn more about me or my books please visit my website or Facebook page.

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