Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's that time of year, the dreaded Tax Season

Recently my husband and I had our taxes done, which got me thinking about money in general. Soon my thoughts turned to what I would do if I had an unlimited supply of funds such as some of those business giants, athletes, super models or characters in some of my books.  Needless to say I was able to generate a list of things I would do in no time.  Here it is in order of importance:

1) My three children would receive the best education in the world.

2) I would open a chain of no-animal shelters for homeless pets. At first I was thinking it would just be in the US, but since I have unlimited funds, I will make it world wide.  All kidding aside I have always wanted to open a no kill animal shelter even if it was so small I was only able to help 5 or ten animals at a time.

3) I would provide financial support to medical research.

4) I would open homeless shelters for vets here in the United States.

5) I'd buy my father in law a red Ferrari.  It is his dream car.

6) I would get a few nips and tucks. Nothing major just a few problems areas.

What about all of you? What would you do?

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