Thursday, November 8, 2012

Romance Novels With Or With Out The Wedding?

This Saturday my husband and I are celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary. Yes, the picture above is from my wedding back in 2001. With this date upon me, I started to think about weddings and romance novels. Do readers like to see their characters get married? Does it depend on the type of romance novel? I will admit often I like to see my favorite characters either get married or at least get engaged. Sometimes though it does depend on the type of romance book as to when I want this to happen. Often in a historical I like to see the characters get married during the actual novel itself. In a contemporary romance I am satisfied to see them either get engaged or married in the Epilogue. As for paranormal romances, either way works for me.

What about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I don't like when a wedding or engagement is pushed just to have one in there, but if it's leading up to one then by all means put it in, don't leave us hanging :). I won't mention names but there is one author I read, and no Christina, its not you, and every single book the people get engaged. It's overkill and sometimes not even believable to the relationship. I do think you're right about historicals, I do want to see them get married in the middle and make that relationship part of the story. P.s. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful picture. It looks like you got married in a castle!

  2. I think, in this aspect, what matters most to a reader is that the hero and heroine get together in the end. It can get a little wearisome if every single romance novel ends up in marriage. They should be in good terms, at the very least. Look at the novel One Day. Emma died, but in the end, the readers, though feeling a great loss, were somehow satisfied that Dexter was able to get his life back

    -->Julio Sporer