Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with Dylan and Callie from The Teacher's Billionaire

Just as expected Dylan knocked on my front door at exactly 4:00.  Dressed in a dark gray suit with a crisp white shirt and red tie he is just a swoon worthy as you might think.  Callie actually arrived earlier today.

Me: Thank you so much for stopping in today.  I know you're very busy.

Dylan: We are never to busy for you. (I do so love his English accent)

Me: Some people find your family dynamics odd.  And I know you probably get this question all the time, but could you explain them to any of my readers who don't already know your story?

Dylan:  That one is all yours, sweetheart.

Callie: (gives him a slap on the shoulder) Yes, a lot of people have asked us that one.  Dylan's mother married Warren after her divorce.  At the time Warren didn't know anything about me.  Warren and Elizabeth have two children, Jake and Sara who are half siblings to both of us.  However, Dylan and I are not anymore related than any other married couple.

Me: Thanks for the clarification.  Now, we all know how you meet.  But I think readers might like to learn a little more about each of you.  Can you tell us something that my readers don't know? 

Dylan: (He loosens his tie first) I have a 17 year old half-brother in England.  My father remarried about 20 years ago. 

Me: Are you two close?

Dylan: Not like I am with Jake.  My relationship with Andrew is almost like an uncle-nephew relationship because of the age difference and the distance between us.

Me: What about you, Callie?

Callie: I know how to play the drums.  Started lessons when I was 10 and then played in the school band.

Me: I don't about my readers, but I have always been curious, Dylan.  Who do you think had more of an influence on your life, you biological father or your step-father Warren?

Dylan:  Pulling out the tough questions today. (He gives me a God worthy smile)  I'd have to say Warren.  My father and I are close, but our personalities are very different.  He obtained his PhD in English Literature.  His eyes glaze over at the mention of a financial report or the Stock Exchange.

Me: I know that you're a workaholic.  How do you keep this from hurting your relationship with Callie?

Dylan: I'm better than I was about that, but I still work more than Callie would like. (Callie nods in agreement.) So  I make sure I'm home for dinner at least twice a week and then once a month we have an official date night.

Me: Callie, I know that you and Sara didn't get along at first.  Do you have a good relationship now?

Callie: We don't see each other much.  She lives in D.C. now.  But it's okay.  I think it will improve though.

Me: Last question before you guys leave.  Do you plan on having any children?

Callie: Definitely.

Dylan:  Yes.  We decided to spend a little time alone together as a married couple before having children, but it will happen.

Me:  Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I'm sure we'll see you again soon.

Callie:  Anytime.  Just call.


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