Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Highland Guard Novel

The Saint

Author: Monica McCarty
Published By: Ballantine Books
Date Published: 2012
Pages: 414
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: (1-5 )  4

The Saint is part of this author's A Highland Guard Series. It focuses on Magnus McKay, called “the Saint” by his friends and Helen Sutherland. Several years earlier Helen chose her family over her love for Magnus and they have not seen each other sense. However, Helen and Magnus are once again thrown together and Helen vows to make Magnus love her again despite his cool actions toward her. Soon the two are facing more than just the danger to their hearts as they fight to protect their king Robert the Bruce and the country they both love.
Christina's Thoughts:

This is the first novel I have read by this author. The description caught my attention because I love Scottish historical romances. I liked the way the author began the book. She introduced us to the main characters in a prologue which takes place 3 years earlier. I know some readers do not like prologues but I felt that this one added to the story. It provided important back story in an interesting way.
As the story progresses the author does a good job of interweaving action, with romance and intrigue. All of the characters add to the fullness of the story. No one is added simply to take up space.
As a reader I was able to feel the emotions that both Magnus and Helen were struggling with. At times I did feel as if they both needed a good knock to the head, but considering the circumstances that is understandable.

Overall opinion

I really enjoyed this book. The author provided just the right amount of tension, romance, and history to keep me satisfied. I will definitely check out the other books in this series and I recommend The Saint to anyone who enjoys Scottish historical romances.

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