Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Teaser Tuesday Time Again With RM Alexander

This Week's Teaser

Kellen stood at the window in the dark living room in his apartment, looking across the city with its bright lights, his forearm against the glass. Filming would begin for his first lead role, his first role period. It was a big deal. He scowled. All of the plans, everything he wanted for a lifetime, burned in those lights. 
Everything but the most important dream. 
His closed fist pounded against the glass, and then, hands shoved in pockets, Kellen stared, mesmerized by those lights. And saw only the stars in Paige's eyes.
Kellen Richards is used to the masks people wear and finds the what-you-see-is-what-you-get Paige refreshing. He doesn't know how, Kellen just knows he wants to be with her. But wealth and fame have dark consequences for his family, and keeping Paige safe from the people out to ruin the Richards won't be as easy as he expects. 

The world has their eye on A-list actor, Grey Richards. But when Paige Reeds goes to a location shoot in Detroit, she finds his brother, Kellen, far more captivating. The chance meeting grows into an unexpected friendship and an even more unpredictable romance. But when she quits her job to join him in LA, the consequences could be deadly. 

With everything stacked against them, can Paige and Kellen learn to love one another for who they really are? 

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