Friday, June 19, 2015

What Makes A Good Romance Heroine? #amreading #romance

Authors and readers are always talking about the heroes in romance stories. Today I want to talk about the heroines in our romance novels.

When I sit down to write a story, I put just as much thought into my heroines as I do my heroes. After all we have all read stories were we want to grab the heroine by the shoulders and shake her a few times until she gets some common sense.  I don’t want that to be the case when readers pick up one of my books.

So what characteristics do my heroines need? First, they need to be intelligent. That doesn’t mean they all need to be rocket scientists, but I need them to be smart enough to take care of themselves regardless of whether they have a man in their life. They need to be able to tell when a man is treating them poorly and be strong enough to walk away from them.

I also like my heroines to be unique. I don’t want all my stories to be filled with beautiful tall, blonde schoolteachers because that is not reality.  In fact I have tried hard to make each of my heroines as different from each other as possible while still making them life like.  True, two of my heroines have been school teachers but I have also had a heroine who was a doctor in the US Navy, a Chief of Staff for a US Senator, an interior designer, a movie star, a store manager, a nurse, and in my upcoming book the heroine is a gourmet chef. 

Since I do put so much thought into the heroines in my stories, I would love to hear what qualities or characteristics you like to see in a heroine.

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