Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#TeaserTuesday Time for a little snippet #amreading #romance #MFRWauthor

Here is a short scene from More Than A Billionaire Coming July 1

“So who was it this time? A pretty blonde beach babe or that bikini model you were seen with last month?” Derek asked with a knowing wink.
Gray took a sip from his drink and resisted the urge to wipe the smile from his brother’s face. Something else he couldn’t do with his father in the room. If his brothers and cousin knew what he’d been doing a few hours before, they wouldn’t have joked, but he had to keep that part of his life private, even from his family.
“I was in Mexico for work, not pleasure.”
“Since when don’t you mix the two? It’s amazing how Sherbrooke Enterprises needs you to go to all the exotic locations in the world.”

You can preorder More Than A Billionaire now.

Everyone views Grayson Sherbrooke as a carefree billionaire who lives a life of luxury.  However, Gray is much more than that.

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If you have not met The Sherbrookes of Newport yet, book 1 The Teacher's Billionaire is free for all e-readers.

What starts out as a plan to keep a family secret out of the media soon turns into so much more for billionaire Dylan Talbot as he falls in love with elementary school teacher Callie Taylor.   But when Callie learns the truth about her relationship with the confirmed bachelor only complete honesty can save their love. 

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