Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teaser Tuesday Again

Today is Teaser Tuesday! Here is a snippet from book 4 in my series The Billionaire’s Best Friend coming soon.

As he rounded the edge of the dance floor his eyes zeroed in on a man and woman. Instantly his feet slowed and his eyes studied every inch of the couple. The man he didn't recognize and dismissed from his thoughts. The overhead lights reflected off the woman's ash blonde hair and excitement surged through him. While he couldn't see her face every fiber his body knew Lauren stood just feet away.

 With his target in site, Nate crossed the dance floor and reached the couple just as the song ended and a fast top 40s dance hit came on. Something between anger and nausea rolled through him, as the couple broke apart and the man whispered something in his date's ear. Then she turned and her eyes locked with his. Unable to look away he held her gaze as a whole gamut of emotions swept through him. For the past year everything he had done was in preparation for this moment.

Lots of authors on facebook are posting snippets today. Use hash tag #TeaserTuesday to find them.

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