Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Reading Reviews

Like many of you my to be read pile is extensive and while I had hoped to put a dent in it this summer, that just has not happened. Between the family, work on the 4th book in my own series, and vacation I have only managed to knock off 3 books in my pile all of which I give 5 Stars. 

Here is a quick run done on each of them.

I started the summer off with The Bridgertons Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn.  Julia Quinn is by far one of my favorite authors. I have loved everything I've read with her name on it, especially her Bridgertons series. When I heard that this book was coming out I actually preordered it. The one and only time I have ever done that. This book unlike her others is actually a collection of 2nd epilogues. A way for the readers to see what has happened to our beloved characters since the end of their novels. Some the stories drop us into the characters' lives years later while others start just where those characters' novel ended.  Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who has read the other Bridgerton books. I would not recommend someone pick this one up without reading the other 8 novels first.

The second book I read was The Billionaire's Fair Lady by Barbara Wallace. This is the third or fourth book I have read by this author. I loved this book for two reasons one it was short so I got through the whole thing quickly, a bonus since I have so little free time. The second reason was because it was believable and sweet. The characters were like able and I could picture meeting them for coffee. At the same time the author showed us the chemistry between the characters without explicit sex. Any reader who likes realistic contemporary romance without explicit sex scenes will enjoy this book.

Last night I finished the 3rd book on my list Spellfire by Jessica Andersen. This is actually the last book in the Nightkeepers series, a paranormal romance series that I love. In this book like the ones before it, the author does a fantastic job of drawing the reader into the world of the Nightkeepers, magic wielding warriors who live among us and who must protect the world from ending in December of 2012. This installment of the series focuses on Rabbit, the youngest Nightkeeper Warrior, and Myrinne.  I recommend the entire series to anyone who enjoys fast paced paranormal romance novels. The whole series contains just the right amount of emotional and sexual tension. However, I advise that the books be read in order.  Each one carries into the next so if you skip one you'll be lost.

With these 3 books finished, its time to search my TBR list for my next novel. Right now the 2 I have my eye set on are One Night In London by Caroline Linden and Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker. I will let you know what I think of both when I finish them.

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