Friday, January 18, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Book Reviews Part 2

When I Leave A Review
I consider myself not only a writer but also an avid reader, although as of late I do not have as much time to read as I once did.  Regardless, I still manage about about 2 books a month or so depending on the length of the book.  However, I rarely leave book reviews anywhere.  When I do leave a review it is only for a book that I loved, not just liked, and I never leave a bad review.  That is actually one of the reasons I rarely accept requests to review books on my blog.  When I do post a review on my blog it is almost always for a book I discovered myself, purchased, read and loved.
Now, some of you may say that is silly and wonder why I don't leave bad reviews.  Well there are 2 main reasons.  The first is simple, just because I didn't like a book doesn't mean someone else will not and I'd rather not influence their decision and not have them buy a book that they may love.  For example my husband used to love Tom Clancy books.  He had them all in hardcover version.  I tried one several years ago and thought it was the worst thing I had ever read.  Obviously, enough people love his work considering his success.  Therefore rather then right a bad review I would rather just not ever buy something from that author again. 
My second reason is because I do not want to hurt anyone feelings.  I know authors should not take negative reviews personally, but I know I have a hard time with that so I assume other authors do as well. According to my husband, my habit of leaving only reviews for books I loved and no review for books I disliked makes me a bad reviewer.  Maybe it does, but I need to do what I am comfortable with.
What about all of you.  Do you always leave a review regardless of whether you enjoyed a book or not?  I would love to know.
Coming Soon Part 3 How Important Are Reviews When You Purchase A Book?

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  1. I totally get what you're saying, Christina.

    Like you, I'm a writer and avid reader. I can devour at least two/three books per week. My TBR pile is huge. The occasional book might end up on my blog if I've been blown away by it and I want to spread the word. I can count the number of times on one hand that's happened. But I do leave reviews on Goodreads, although again only if I love it.

    Again, literary tastes are subjective. As for not leaving bad reviews? I'd rather spread the lurve!