Monday, January 14, 2013

Marie Astor's Newest Release & Jewelry Giveaway

Maggie Robin has been dating the irresistibly good-looking, successful Jeffrey Preston for two years. But when Jeffrey proposes marriage a week after Maggie’s college graduation, she is no longer sure if she wants to marry a workaholic TV producer.
Maggie’s doubts culminate when during a ski trip to British Columbia, she meets Taylor Denton, a handsome, free-spirited big mountain skier who is the complete opposite of Jeffrey. It does not take Maggie long to realize that she has fallen in love with Taylor and she decides to break off her engagement with Jeffrey. But just when she thinks she has found the love of her life, an ill-fated misunderstanding tears Maggie and Taylor apart.
A week later, Maggie is told that Taylor has died in a tragic ski accident; yet, her heart refuses to believe in Taylor’s death. When Maggie returns to Taylor’s native town, she learns that Taylor is indeed alive, but has been seriously injured. Resolved to bring her lover back to life Maggie stands by Taylor’s side, convincing him to embrace life again.
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Exclusive Excerpt
“Come on Maggie, you’re going to be late!”
“I’ll be there in a minute, Mom!” Maggie feverishly surged through her room, making sure she had not forgotten anything. It felt strange being back in her parents’ house after having her own place for almost four years.
“Jeffrey is on his way up, honey.” Janet Robin poked her head through the crack in the door. “Maggie! You haven’t even zipped up your suitcase! Come on - help me close this thing up! You know how Jeffrey gets about being late.”
“I know, Mom.” Maggie sighed, remembering Jeffrey’s zeal for punctuality.
“Now, what are you sighing about, young lady?” Mrs. Robin placed her hands on her hips. “You’ve just graduated college a semester early with honors, your boyfriend proposed to you with a splendid ring, and he is taking you on the ski vacation of a lifetime!”
At her mother’s mention of her engagement, Maggie self-consciously twisted the huge diamond ring on her finger – the ring was too big, and she constantly worried about its slipping off.
“Let me see that sparkler again!” Mrs. Robin gushed, grasping Maggie’s hand. “Magnificent! You are one lucky girl – I always knew that Jeffrey was the one. I am so happy for you, honey. Promise me that you won’t sulk.”
“I promise. Now, let’s get this suitcase zipped up.” Maggie was in no mood for one of her mother’s speeches. And yet, she could not help admitting that her mother did have a point. Maggie had been dating Jeffrey for almost two years, and she was pretty sure that she loved him, so marrying him seemed like the next logical step, but no matter how hard she tried to convince herself of this fact, she could not shake off a feeling of uneasiness ever since Jeffrey had proposed, a week ago.
A Little About The Author
Marie Astor is the author of contemporary romance novels This Tangled Thing Called Love, Lucky Charm, Smitten At First Sight, romantic suspense, To Catch a Bad Guy, and a short story collection, A Dress in a Window. Marie is also the author of young adult fantasy adventure novel, Over the Mountain and Back.
If you would like to learn more about Marie’s writing, please stop by her website or visit her on facebook.

As part of her blog tour Marie will be awarding to five randomly drawn commenters at the end of the tour, one of the following five custom-designed jewelry prizes:  All you need to do is leave a comment for Marie.  To increase your chances of winning, visit each of her blog stops and enter at each one. 
Prize 1: Blue quartz three strand necklace with sterling silver clasp
Prize 2: Jade and prehnite necklace
Prize 3:Green aventurine sterling silver earrings
Prize 4: Smoky quartz sterling silver earrings

Prize 5: Rose quartz sterling silver earrings

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This Tangled Thing Called Love – a contemporary romance about overcoming one’s inhibitions, learning to tango, and finding one’s true love match.
Lucky Charm – a humorous contemporary romance about love, luck and friendship
A Dress in a Window – a collection of short stories about love, coincidences, and fate.
Over the Mountain and Back – young adult fantasy adventure novel about a boy who takes his snowboard for a ride and finds himself in a magical, hidden world he never knew existed.


  1. Sounds like a good read, thank you.


  2. Thank you for featuring Smitten at First Sight today!


  3. Marie...You always have the greatest giveaways when you tour! This sounds like On the Rim of Love. Has it been retitled Smitten at First Sight?

  4. Oh wow, the premise sounds powefull! I love the idea that she followed her heart and didn't take the sure thing.