Friday, July 27, 2012

Review of : Some Enchanted Waltz

I have loved Time Travel Romance novels since I first discovered a Lynn Kurland book years ago, so when I can across this book I instantly snatched it up. I am glad I did.

Tara O'Neill is a graduate student studying history who works at a local radio station. One evening when a violent storm spawns power outages, she must keep broadcasting severe warnings to local residents. Quickly the storm intensifies and the station goes off line forcing Tara must reboot the transmitter . While in the process of doing just that lightning strikes and Tara is hurtled back in time.

Adrian, Lord Dillon, needs a bride, immediately, to escape his enemy’s plan to force him to marry his daughter. He has always respected the Fairy Race. As a boy, he played with them in the secret glen and was warned that one day he would be called upon to shelter one of their own who has lost her way among mortals . . .

Adrian rescues Tara from British soldiers who are prepared to torture her for information. He takes her back to his castle and concocts a plan to protect them both.

When Tara wakes up in Lord Dillon’s castle she only remembers bits and pieces of her life before meeting him, but with little other choice she falls in line with Lord Dillon's plan. However, in her heart she knows that she does not belong in this place. This feeling is only reinforced by her mother-in- law and the other characters she comes in contact me.
As the story progresses Tara and her husband travel to Dublin, and she learns the truth about her husband and his role in the Irish rebellion against England. Tara knows that the rebellion will fail although she can not remember or explain how she does. And that is when the fun really starts.

I truly enjoyed this book. The Tara and Adrian were well developed who I wanted to see succeed. The plot was complex and well thought out. The author did an excellent job of incorporating historical facts without bogging down the story and her attention to detail was great. As a reader I could clearly picture each scene. The secondary characters in the story were well written and added to the story. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys Time Travel Romance.

Overall rating 5 stars

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