Saturday, July 14, 2012

For the past several years I have been part of the Tell Harlequin Reader Panel.  Everyone once in awhile they will send me books to read and a survey to complete regarding the book.  Other times they will simply send out a survey asking if I have purchased certain books or read certain books.  Sometimes I like the books they send other times I don't.  The same is true for the surveys they send, sometimes I have purchased and read the books other times I have not.  Most often these surveys are in regards to books published by Harlequin.  Last week I received one of these surveys about "50 Shades."  It wanted to know if I had read the book.  When I answered no, it asked if I planned on reading.  When I once again answered no, it asked why. 

So anyway this survey got me thinking.  Is Harlequin thinking about adding a new line?  If so I hope they do not terminate any of the current ones.  I know these are a few of their lines that are my favs such as the Special Edition, American Romance, and Romance lines.  I have tried some of their other ones but those 3 are by far my favs.

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