Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#TeaserTuesday Time Again

 Here is a short UNEDITED snippet from Loving The Billionaire the novella coming out soon. This novella will feature Ruth Taylor and Warren Sherbrooke, Callie's parents.

“Women are doing a lot of things their mothers didn’t do. I think if you want to live alone you should.” Had he just said that? He sounded like a poster written in support of women’s lib or something. Whether he sounded stupid or not, Ruth didn’t say. Instead she nodded.
“That’s true. I’m the first woman in my family to go to college. Actually, I’m the first person in my family to graduate college.”
Before their conversation could continue down that particular path only highlighting the differences between them, Warren focused back on his real reason for being there. “Do you have any plans for Sunday night?”
With a mouth full of hot chocolate, she could only shake her head.
He leaned forward prepared to take the plunge. “Neither do I. Will you have dinner with me?”
Ruth erupted into a coughing fit. “Did you suddenly forget Sunday is Valentine’s Day, Warren,” she said once she regained control.
“I know that.” When he asked woman out they came back with a yes and what time will you pick me up. They didn’t come back with smart-ass replies. Then again this was Ruth Taylor, not the usual society debutants he dated.
Ruth pointed at him. “You want to have dinner with me on Valentine’s Day?” she asked pointing to her self.
Maybe asking had been a bad idea. Perhaps the little jolt he’d felt when they shared that kiss ringing in the New Year had been one sided. “Yes. You. Me. Dinner. Sunday night.”
She bit down on her bottom lip and looked at him. “Okay.”
The tension in his shoulders disappeared. She’d agreed. “Good. What time should I pick you up?” He reached for his own mug of hot chocolate. 

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