Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Royal Visit: Thoughts on The Royal Family

Yesterday I read a headline about how Prince William rode along with commoners rather than take a private flight. While yes, technically the writers got it wrong, since in the United States there are no royals which means no commoners, I still read the article.  I must say that I am always impressed with the younger generation of British royals.  Despite the opportunities and privileges they have for the most part they do seem like a decent people.  Granted I have never met them, but they seem like everyday people.

Furthermore, while I wouldn't mind having a castle or two to live in, I actually feel a little bad for them and wouldn't want to trade places with them. It seems no matter where they go or what they do the media is around. They cannot celebrate or mourn for that matter without a camera showing up.  And unlike Hollywood celebrities or musicians, they did not ask to be in the spot light, instead they were just born to the wrong family.

What do you think? Would you trade places with them?

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