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Meet My Character's Blog Hop Continues with Vikki Vaught

Thank you, Christina for asking me to participate on your blog today.
Christina Tetreault writes contemporary romance. Currently she has two series out The Sherbrookes of Newport and Love on The North Shore. This month is released book 5 in her Sherbrooke Series. For more information visit her
I’m going to talk about three of my heroes from my trilogy. The Montgomery Family Saga is set in Regency England. All my characters are figments of my imagination. I love strong alpha-males with a tender side. What woman doesn’t. I tend to write either a tortured soul or a chief, but I’ve also thrown a bit of a swashbuckler into the mix in my Montgomery Family trilogy.

Here goes!

Lost Pleasures Found
Henry Montgomery, the Duke of Sanderford, my first hero, is a chief, a leader of men. He is the man that others look to for answers. He is a man who seizes control whenever possible. He loves fiercely with intense passion and will protect his loved ones to the death. When he meets Melody Canterfield-Smyth, he falls hard and irrevocably in love from the first moment his gaze meets hers. He immediately sets out to win her heart and does. While he is a wonderful protector, he is also very possessive, which later in the story causes him a great deal of unnecessary pain. Thank goodness, he has the ability to love or all would have been lost and Henry and Melody might not have found their ‘Happily Ever After’.

Love Sneaked In
Matthew Cunningham, the Earl of Collingswood, is a bit of a rake. His major downfall is that he loves women, whether they are short, tall, thin, or plump, if she is female he loves her. At a very young age, his father forced him into a marriage, hoping to tame him, but it has the opposite effect. When his father dies, he has a rude awakening. He must pick up the reins of his falling down estate and find a mother for his twin daughters. Matthew has always lived for the moment, seeking pleasure and good times, going through life with a ‘devil may care’ attitude. Now he has to accept responsibility. He meets Lady Helen and immediately knows she is the perfect solution for his dilemma. Fortunately, Lady Helen wants to be a mother beyond all things. Before either expects it, love sneaks in, catching them both by surprise!  

Turned Around by Love
Jonathan St. John, the Marquess of Sutherland, is truly a tortured soul. When he’s injured during the Battle of Waterloo, he’s left with a damaged knee, his betrothed calls off the wedding, and he is tormented by horrendous nightmares. He is filled with angst and unbridled passion. He keeps himself apart from his loved ones and never forms any lasting relationships, vowing to remain a bachelor for the rest of his days. As he drifts from day to day, going from one mistress to another and carousing with his superficial friends, he lives a dissolute existence. On top of all this, his reliance on the bottle, to alleviate his pain, becomes a serious problem. Then he meets Lady Kathryn, the portraitist, and she turns his life upside down. Kathryn inspires him to want a better life, and even though, he knows he doesn’t deserve her, he wants her.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about three of my heroes. All my books can be found on Amazon, either in print or E-book. Happy reading!

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