Thursday, August 28, 2014

Books That Have Stayed With Me

Recently on Facebook I was tagged to list at least 10 books that stayed with me in some way. I was told that didn't have  to be the "right" books or great books of literature, just ones that affected you in some way. Below is the list that I created

There are so more than this but...
1) The Sweet Valley Twins the first books I feel in love with in elementary school
2) choose your own adventure books I loved being able to pick where my story went
3) Gentle Rogue the first romance novel I read that turned me into a romance novel lover
4) Fantastic Five Series again read in elem school made me want to write my own stories
5) You're marrying her? It made me want to write my own contemp. romance
6) Ransom by Julie Garwood, I simply love the book I have read more times than I can count.
7) Pride & Prejudice my favorite classic romance novel.
8) Nancy Drew books feed my love of reading in elementary and junior high
9) The Teacher's Billionaire the first romance I wrote that I thought was good enough for others to read
10) Jessica Andersen's Night Keeper series hooked my on paranormal romance
11) The entire Anne of Green Gables series

As I read over my list as well as the lists posted by other friends on Facebook, I realized something we all seemed to have in common.  For many of us, we fell in love with reading at a young age and remained avid readers as life went on. This in turn made me think of my own children who are ages 5, 5, and 7. Right now they all love books. The seven year old reads just about every night before bed and the twins love to have a bed time story. Does this mean they will be life long readers? 

What about you? When did you first fall in love with reading? Were you like me and constantly in the book store or library as a child or did you discover the joys of reading later on in life?  I'd love to hear when you discovered the secrets books offer and what books stayed with you.

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