Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teaser Tuesday!

Today's snippet is from my newest release The Billionaire's Best Friend.

Nate crossed the small kitchen and entered the furnished living room. Flipping on the light, another memory hit him as he stared at the open bedroom door. This time, though, it didn't involve his grandparents or his old high school buddies. This one involved him and Lauren. She'd not only been the girl next door but his girlfriend all through high school and up until he’d left for the Naval Academy after graduation.
They'd started out as childhood friends at the same preschool and had done lots of activities together. In elementary school, their interests led them into different activities. He'd been big into sports, while Lauren had spent hours dancing and taking voice lessons. Despite their different paths, they'd stayed close.
Then their last year of middle school things changed. No longer had he seen her as a pal. Instead, every time he looked at her his teenage body had gone into overdrive. Starting that summer until he left for the Academy they'd been an item. Together they’d experienced all the teenage firsts: first kiss, first time skipping school, first time having a drink—and first time having sex.
Staring at the bedroom door, it was that first his mind fixated on. It had been near the end of their sophomore year in high school. He’d picked her up at the private high school she attended, and they'd sneaked up to the empty apartment over the garage. Although they'd fooled around in the past, that particular hot May afternoon things went further than ever before. Soon they'd found themselves under the covers of the queen-sized bed.
In all honesty, it had been a less-than-epic occasion for both of them. He'd been all thumbs trying to get the condom on, and neither had really known what they were doing. Afterward, he'd been embarrassed by his performance or lack thereof, but she had not complained. Instead, she curled up next to him for the rest of the afternoon.

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