Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Time Memories

Here in New England summer is well underway and what a busy summer it has been already for me.  I know summer technically started earlier, but for me summer always starts on the last day of school.  For my oldest daughter, who just finished kindergarten, that was June 25 this year thanks to the snow days and the days off the children got thanks to the hurricane in the fall. 

Since then I have been busy making sure my girls have wonderful memories.  So far we have gone strawberry picking and blueberry picking.  My oldest spent a week attending gymnastic camp and a week at Girl Scout camp.  My twins, who are four, spent a week attending Fun Camp.  Soon the five us plus their grandparents and cousins will head up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for six days.

Now my own summers as a child were never that busy.  I never went to camp or took big family vacations.  But perhaps  my favorite summer memory is going to baseball games with my grandfather.  He and my grandmother lived in Pawtucket, Rhode Island which is where the Pawtucket Paw Sox, the Red Sox farm team, plays.  The games at the park were not expensive so we would go to a few a summer.  I also enjoyed it and think back on those times fondly.

What about you? What are some of your favorite summer time memories?

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