Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Historical With Just The Right Touch of Magic

Title: Bright Scoundrel
Author: Lily Silver
Type: Historical Romance with touch of magic
Copyright: January 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

My Thoughts:
Bright Scoundrel is the fourth book I have read by author Lily Silver and one of my favorites so far. It is the story of Kieran O’Flaherty. Kieran spent much of his life living in the West Indies after being sold into servitude by his stepfather. Prior to the actual start of this book, he travels to England and his maternal grandfather. However, after his name appears in London papers attached to yet another scandal, he decides to flee London society and his grandfather and return to his ancestral home in Ireland. It is there that he meets Rose De Lacy, an independent young woman who has been working as the castle's steward.

Kieran's return is not an easy one. An evil menacing spirit haunts the castle, and Kieran's people are reluctant to accept him. Undeterred, Kieran whom is adept in the magical arts, sets out the win the love and respect of his people and to cleanse his home. In the process he falls in love with the headstrong Rose.

Lily Silver did a splendid job of blending together history and magic. At no time did I feel as if one aspect of the story was overtaking the other. She created well-developed characters who I came to care about and I wanted to see them both get their happily ever after. While the characters did have intimate relations, the scenes were tasteful and well-done. At no time did I fee uncomfortable reading them as occasionally happens to me in romance novels. All and all I think this was an excellent read and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a historical romance with a touch of magic.


  1. Thanks, Christina, for featuring my book.

    I appreciate the nice review!